wedding boquet

They shrink in shame from the assessing eyes of the people around them. They are judged and condemned; even belittled because of a past they never expected to happen. These women haven't committed a crime except that they had fallen in love to the wrong man at the wrong time.

May Anne, could never forget that night when Sam almost promised the stars and the moon to her. May Anne thought of the wedding bells, the wedding gown that she would wear proudly, the guests smiling at her and her parents who would be in tears as she marches to the altar with the man she has given her life and soul.

It was only after two weeks time and Sam didn't show up and didn't even bother to call her that May Anne realized she had been tricked. Her world collapsed and for days she refused to eat and evaded everyone that tried to talk to her about the problem. It was a disaster. Her life ended with the sudden disappearance of Sam.

It was bad enough to have given herself to the man she loved too much and worse to bear a child out of wedlock. May Anne thought that her case was hopeless and the people around her were all laughing at her plight. But when she looked around her, she was mistaken because it seemed that all her friends and love ones were sympathizing with her. Had she been wrong in thinking that people were all against her?

She woke up one morning feeling refreshed and what mattered was the child that was starting to show signs inside her. Selfish mother, that doesn't become her because she was always a responsible young woman.

She thought one mistake is enough; her child is more important than the man who dumped her. For May Anne, her plight was not as serious as what others had experienced being that she had her very understanding family and friends. She also had a good job and she was sure she could have her child and rear him properly.

Many women fall in love with the wrong man and at the wrong time but what is important is they still stand up on their feet and move on. The good thing about being dumped by a man is that it becomes a challenge for a woman to strive harder and achieve her dreams.

Heide's case was different. She's engaged to be married with Carlo, her childhood sweetheart. In fact, everybody had been saying that Heide was a very lucky woman. Carlo was a man that every woman dreamed to have in life. Carlo is rich, good-looking and kind. A few weeks before the most awaited wedding day, Carlo just vanished from the scene. Heide found out later that it was another woman who took Carlo away from her.

She was devastated but her friends and family took care of her until she recovered.

Now, sitting prettily with her love child, she sighs and smiles proudly and mutters, "Ten years ago, I would have killed myself but thanks to my love ones who have taught me to be another person. Though some cannot accept my situation, it is soothing to think that I'm not alone anymore in this world."

The modern world has changed the notions of most people regarding relationships. A lot of women and men now agree to a live-in arrangement. Perhaps this is also because common law relationship is recognized by law in some countries. Many women do not dream anymore of a grand wedding and men are happier having their freedom. A lot of couples don't bother legalizing their relationship because the wedding does not matter that much anymore. While weddings could be good when it comes to benefits, many men and women prefer their freedom. To some, what is important is the success of the relationship.

While most men and women still consider wedding as a very important part of a relationship, more and more men and women prefer to have a trial marriage in order for them to make sure that their relationship is not a mistake before they make their vows. To the conservative people this arrangement is usually frowned at but it is sometimes the best way to avoid being left in a messy situation. Unmarried couples are sometimes more careful in doing a mess that will put them in an uncertain situation in the future so more and more couples prefer a live-in arrangement. This is to lessen the paper work when things do not work out between them.