You have probably heard of the potato gun. In case you have not, it is a simple, homemade gun made of PVC tubing that uses a flammable spray such as hairspray as a propellant to launch a potato hundreds of yards. By all accounts, they are great fun. What you may not have heard of is the newest entry in non-lethal, fun-for-the-whole family weaponry and that is the marshmallow gun, also known as the marshmallow shooter. These toys are great fun and are something of a rarity. They are not just an assemble it yourself toy but are toys that are meant to be created at home. The materials bought, the parts made, and the final product assembled. Fortunately, marshmallow guns, as opposed to real guns, are not complex nor are they lethal and anyone except perhaps a baby can use them. They are made from plastic tubing, use miniature marshmallows as ammunition, and you fire them by blowing through one of the pipes. They are not hard to assemble and if you need instructions, a quick Google search show revealed numerous instructions on the web. They averaged around a half dozen steps. This leads into why marshmallow guns are fun for the whole family. Because they are easy to assemble, parents with smaller children can turn them into a weekend project or a birthday party activity, although you would want to ensure than an adult is in charge of the hacksaw. Kids like working with their hands and once the pieces are laid out, assembling them is a cinch. The next part of the fun is that they shoot marshmallows; safe, soft, squishy marshmallows. The best thing about using marshmallows is that any left over ammunition can be quickly consumed or used in mini s'mores. More importantly though, it would be rather hard for anyone to be seriously hurt by getting hit by a marshmallow. Nonetheless, proper precautions should be taken. Apparently, a marshmallow gun can shoot a marshmallow up to 50 feet if your lungs are strong enough. Also, make sure that you clean up all the marshmallows once your little family war is over. You do not want to attract ants or other such pests. The last reason why marshmallow guns are fun for the whole family is that they are cheap. They do not require any expensive equipment or tools to make and if you really do not want to go through fun of making them yourself, you can find them on the Internet for less than $10. Therefore, if you are not into working with your hands and shooting marshmallows around, at least you know that your family is not spending a small fortune on them.