Family guy is a great cartoon show filled with lots of funny characters. However, most don't think Meg is an important or cool character.

I really like Meg for numerous reasons.

Everyone can relate to Meg.

Take the ugly hair and hat for example, I bet everyone's been through that at least once in their life when they were young. I had Meg-like hair when I was 13 year's old and I still regret it. Looking back at my pictures, I find myself thinking how Meg-like I used to be!

Also, Meg is the runt of the family.

Alot of younger brother and sister's will know what I'm talking about when we're the runt of the family, always getting picked on or getting ousted by our older siblings. I also have a brother who's a bit like Stewie and Chris, and everyone likes those two characters more than the Meg!

Highschool Trauma is another one too.

Meg is always an outcast, being bullied, teased and mocked. Even by her own family. It's kind of how everyone feels like in highschool at least once. And if you haven't felt that, well you were real lucky! Or perhaps you were just a bully. :)


Meg facts!:

- She was abandoned on an island and shot in the back with darts
- Peter calls her a man/monkey/Chris on numerous occasions
- She almost drowns in a flood making Peter a sandwich
- Meg is frequently forgotten
- Meg is undesirable towards two Robbers (lol)
- Peter gives Meg a watermelon full of chocolate and explosives and it explodes everywhere.
- Meg isn't that intelligent.
- I believe Meg was an accident!


Meg is short for Megara and Megan.

But that's completely unrelated to Family Guy.

Meg is also pretty unstable, like mentally, I mean. She tied Brian up and made him eat a piece of her hair out of a pie she made, which I find pretty messed up, haha.

Overal, Meg is a great character. She really needs more love than she gets.

There are actually quite a few big Meg based family guy episodes, such as the one where Brian takes her to the Prom, or when Meg gets a boyfriend, or when Meg tries to date a nudist. These episodes are fairly amusing because Meg is often bullied/teased in a disturbingly amusing way.

Hope You're also a fellow family guy lover!