If you're thinking about refurnishing, updating or starting your commercial guest or residential accommodation business, you should stop and take note – have you ever considered purchasing a contract memory mattress?

Memory Mattress (20399)
Of course, 'contract' refers to commercial use, and 'memory mattress' describes the memory foam mattresses now widely in use. Memory mattresses are becoming increasingly more popular in domestic and contract use, and not just because of their relatively low purchase prices. The benefits they offer appear to outweigh the benefits offered by more traditional mattress designs, such as pocket sprung and divan mattresses.

For a start, contract memory mattresses are great for use in residential care home and nursing homes, due to their hypoallergenic quality, as no dust mites and other bed bugs can inhabit them. They are also perfect for this kind of use thanks largely to the complete supportive nature of the mattresses – this basically means that there are no pressure points that can cause or exacerbate bed sores/skin ulcers, with the risk of infection reduced.

The independent supportive nature of the memory foam is also great for double mattresses, as it means that one bed occupant is much less disturbed when the other turns or moves during the night. Many contract memory mattresses also incorporate a 'combi-air' cooling system, to make hot, humid nights more comfortable. This also helps bed-bound patients' temperatures more regulated, helping them to feel restful.

Memory foam mattresses can also be easily stored – as well as folding down to a relatively small size, once unfolded, they will quickly return to their original shape, without any folds, lumps or kinks in the material. This is not only a benefit when it comes to housekeeping and customer satisfaction, but in business terms it means that bed capacity – and therefore profit – can be easily increased at the drop of a hat.

Another reason why memory mattresses are great for contract use is their durability – with no pocket springs to wear out, and no need to regularly turn and rotate mattresses, memory foam mattresses can have a significantly longer life than other types of mattress, reducing maintenance costs, leaving more margin for profits.