It is an undisputed fact that the world is now even smaller thanks to connectivity. With the increased usage of mobiles it has been predicted that internet browsing via mobile devices will exceed that of computers by the end of the year. Most shopping establishments have become wifi hotspots and you will find people happily browsing the internet while having their favorite beverage at Starbucks. Wifi is used as a freebie by shopping establishments to attract more customers

The result is more people spending time outside their homes and offices while using the internet at wifi hotspots. Consumers have never had it so good and easy internet access is like instant gratification. It is only natural that business owners can use the change in consumer behavior to benefit their business. 

Advantages of having a mobile website

With tens of thousands of customer browsing the internet through mobile devices, it is only imperative that you should have an optimized mobile ready website. Adjusting the size of a non-mobile optimized website can be tricky for some and scrolling down to view what they want can be time consuming and awkward.  Speed is of essence in new age internet search and if prospective customers cannot find what they are looking for on your website in an instant they will go away. 

On the other had if you do have  a mobile optimized website even someone not looking to buy anything may be impressed by your site and decide to make a purchase.  This way you can use your mobile website as a sales tool on the internet. 

You can also do geographic targeting and offer discounts through coupons to internet visitors from the same area as your business. Location based targeting can be a very powerful too if used effectively.  Another important tool in mobile marketing is text messaging or SMS. A text message crafted well can attract many customers. For example if you send text messages about a sale or discounts it is bound to attract a lot of customers to your offers. People love discounts on items that they may be thinking of purchasing.  Coupons are ideal in such a scenario and can boost sales at any time of the year. 

If you can reach your customers through SMS through your own database you will be able to retain existing customers with repeat sales. They will also appreciate the fact that you keep them informed about discounts through regular communication. Maintaining a database and communicating with your customers can build up a loyal following for your brand in a short period of time.  Each time you send them coupons or information about discounts they will visit your offers. This can increase your sales consistently in the long run without too much effort.  We are at a stage where we would rather use our mobiles to browse the internet on the go than login and use our computer. This is the primary reason why the use of mobiles for internet search is growing by the day. 

A great way to use mobile marketing is with the use of QR Codes. You may have noticed the use of these barcodes on websites.  QR Codes is an additional way for your business to be easily accessible to the general public and a fun way for your customers to be connected with you. 


Most people have smartphones today and any such phone can decipher a QR Code.  You can easily direct people to an online website or video that they can share.  QR codes are multi-functional and can be used in different ways to boost your business.  

The use of Mobile Apps

With the advent of apps on the Android, iPhone and Windows platforms  there has been  proliferation of information apps that enables it easy to share news an information in seconds.  Many mobile users use push notifications to send out coupons regularly to entice customers to their offers. 

It is essential to connect your mobile app with Facebook and Twitter so that you appear in front of customers who log in every day to their social accounts. If you have pictures to share with your customers you can also use Pinterest, a very popular image sharing website.  The use of social media drives up engagement and people will know you more and trust you while regularly buying your products.  You can also stay connected 24x7 with your customers since you can schedule tweets and posts on Facebook and draw your customers' attention at various times during  the day.  

Google Plus - Local

Another viral platform is Google Plus where you can have a local mobile listing.  Google clearly favors its social platform and your mobile optimized listing will rank easily in Google search thus bringing more visibility and in turn, more customers to your business. Google Plus is great for obtaining customer testimonials and viral sharing of your business amongst friends of your existing customers.  In fact you can easily turnaround any disgruntled customers by responding to their feedback on Google Plus. An adept handling of customer complaints in this manner will impress existing customers and attract more customers.  


Mobile marketing is all set for a big boom and now is the right time to intensify your marketing efforts so that you can establish your position in the mobile world.  By acting now you will get the benefits of a first mover advantage and firm your position before your competitors catch up with you.