The new MySpace website is awful. MySpace is attempting to gain back some of the massive traffic they lost to FaceBook and so they re-did their website as a media and entertainment company. MySpace wants to be the place you go to learn about your favorite musicians, to find new music, and to read entertainment related news. MySpace failed, and here are a couple of reasons why.

The New MySpace Logo

The new MySpace logo is by and large considered stupid. Most people generally agree that the MySpace logo is crap and looks like a 4 year old designed the logo. I disagree, I know 4 year olds who could have made much better logos. There have been many companies who re-did their logo and it was not accepted and widely ridiculed. The new logo for MySpace may be one of the biggest logo failures of the last 10 years.

Slow Loading Pages on MySpace

MySpace was notorious for being slow before they did the re-design of their website. MySpace allowed people to modify their profile pages, and oftentimes a user's profile page would cause you computer to lock up. Auto played music, embedded photos and flash photo folders from other websites, and slow loading backgrounds caused many people to get so irritated with MySpace that they quit visiting the website. Many of these frustrated users ended up over at FaceBook. Some people criticize FaceBook for not allowing them to customize their profile the way they want, but the vast majority of these users are grateful that they do not have to worry about clicking over to a profile page and then having to reboot their computer.

The new MySpace is awfully slow. The website as a whole has so many slow loading ads that slow down your computer it gets very frustrating, and their core market will go elsewhere. The social networkers will migrate to FaceBook, Ning network, or some other social network. The very few users who are actually there to read about entertainment and music news will also go elsewhere. TMZ and other entertainment blogs are so much easier to read without all the slow loading clutter.

The way MySpace alters the way you view photos on the website also has changed. It is a lot harder to view photos and the way they did it makes it load very slowly.

MySpace Needs to Change Again

If MySpace wants to stay at least partially relevant in the web 2.0 world then they have to gain users trusts and get old users to stop back by. They need to increase the average pageviews of users. The way it is now if someone does a search for something and then pull up MySpace from the search engine results, they will tend to not stick around for long. The slow loading pages keeps many of the new users away, and the people who do visit to not view near as many pages as they would if the MySpace website loaded faster.

For MySpace to stay relevant in this Internet world they need to pick up the load times for their website.