In case you are wondering just what a 'wedding cake topper' is, it is a small model which sits on the top of a wedding cake. The first ones became popular around 60 years ago, and were usually a model of the bride and groom. They would almost always be shown in their wedding outfit, the groom being in a black suit and the bride in a white dress complete with veil.

As might be expected, things have changed over time, and there are now many different designs of wedding cake topper to choose from. Some of these are variations of the traditional design, but there are others including monogram, humorous, sport, hobby, occupation, animal, building, beach, military and others. This article will focus on the monogram wedding cake toppers as these are very popular and for many people can prove to be the ideal choice.

Monogram wedding cake toppers come in a range of different styles, from quite simple fonts in a single colour to quite ornate designs studded with crystals. For couples who are having wedding cupcakes instead of the more traditional tiered wedding cake, there are also monogram cupcake toppers to choose from.

Clear Acrylic

Acrylic wedding cake toppers come in a number of different shapes including square, circular and heart-shaped. The acrylic can be engraved with the couple's initials, names or other details. The engraved fonts can be simple or fancy.

Brushed Metal

This design has a brushed surface giving a matte finish. The design can either be undecorated or decorated with crystals, either partially or over the whole surface.


With this type of topper, the lettering is attached to a ribbon which surrounds the cake. The lettering may be plain or decorated with crystals.

Gold/Silver Acrylic

Gold-coloured or silver-coloured acrylic is used to form the monogram, and can either be undecorated, partially decorated with crystals or fully decorated with them.

Word Monogram

These are based on a whole word such as 'Bliss', 'Eternal' or 'Forever', or you can have one custom-made with a word of your choice.

Colour Monogram

A range of colours can be chosen from so that you can match the topper to your cake.

Flat Edge Monogram

This type of cake topper uses a flat strip of metal which is bent to form the monogram letters. The letters are visible when the strip is viewed edge-on.

Whatever your design tastes are, from simple to ornate and sparkling, there is such a large range of monogram wedding cake toppers to choose from that you should have no trouble finding one that is right for your wedding cake.