Do you have any idea how many working parents rely on the services of a nanny to care for their children? You may think that babysitters and day care providers are the only options a working parent has, but nanny services are also extremely popular, and growing more so each day. While other childcare providers offer excellent service and quality care, there is just something about having a nanny come into the home to take care of the kids that makes a parent feel secure and relaxed. Many times, she is like a grandparent to the kids, or in some instances even a surrogate mom of sorts. In fact, she may very well be a grandmother herself.


Perhaps you are looking for a way to earn money without having to enter into the hectic, day-to-day world of business outside of the home, or maybe you are recently retired and staying at home just isn’t what you thought it might be. You love children, your own are grown and gone, and you have been thinking about working again but aren’t quite sure what to do. Why not look into starting your own nanny business? You may have several friends who are all of the same frame of mind-retirement is fine, but they all miss having something to look forward to each day. Working as a nanny, even if it is just part-time, may be the answer.


Get all your friends together and talk about it. Working as a nanny is a wonderful way to offer a much-needed service to the community, parents who are working will be especially eager to hire someone with experience to care for their children, and you will find the work extremely satisfying if you miss being around kids. Getting started is relatively simple-all you need are a few friends who would like to work in this particular field, have the expertise and the time, and enjoy being around young children. Nanny care is much more personal than babysitting, you become part of a family that appreciates your services, and before you know it you have a new “adopted” family.


Some women prefer to get back into the swing of things on a full time basis. Others might want to work here and there a few hours a week, and there are also those who are willing to come when needed, or “on call.” You may be quite surprised at the number of inquiries you have from women of all ages who are interested in working as a nanny once you get the word out that you are considering opening a franchise of this type. It’s not just retirees who will be interested, but younger women who want to earn an income by doing this. All you need is a genuine love for small children to make this job appealing. Potential clients are everywhere, and even if you live in a small town, there are working parents who are in need of someone competent, reliable, and affectionate to come to their home and care for their kids.


You are going to have to speak with each potential nanny about the hours and days she is available before you begin to advertise your service. Some of these women may have preferences as to what age category they want to care for-some may want to only work with newborns, others may actually prefer to look after more active youngsters. Gather all the information about experience and qualifications of each woman. This will make it easier for you to match a client and nanny for a perfect working relationship. Decide what fees you are going to charge for this service, what tasks the nanny will be willing or able to do, and the hours she will be working. Meet with potential clients to discuss their needs, introduce them to the nanny you have chosen, and have them conduct an interview of their own if they choose.


You may be working as a nanny also, or you might just decide to run your business, making it your job of bringing together families and nannies to create a relationship that works well for everyone. Once you start advertising what you are intending to do, your nanny franchise may grow to be bigger than you ever thought possible. Being able to keep their children in their own home is a very appealing option to parents who have to be gone all day, and much more preferable than dropping them at the sitters early each morning. Nanny care is a better idea all around for everyone involved.