The popularity of the Internet as a means of communication has caused several changes in the things we do.  Take for example classified ads. Before, you can only find classifieds in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, community billboards, among others.  At present, there are thousands of sites offering classified ads and millions of people are posting their ads to these sites. Craigslist is one of the very popular examples, if not the most.  Why is this so?

First and foremost, online classified ads like Craigslist are cost efficient.  Many of these websOnline Classified Ads CraigslistCredit: freedigitalphotos.netites offers free posting of ads.  Classified ads websites tend to be cheaper when compared to traditional methods like print media. It is even cheaper to think if you consider the number of potential readers or users available over the web.

Second, traditional classified ads medium has restrictions or limitations.  Because you pay for the ads, you tend to scrimp on text; thus, you exclude relevant details that may attract customers.  With online classified ads like Craigslist, you can compose longer ads without minding the cost as it is generally cheaper. You do not have to count words too, instead you rely on your creativity when posting ads in order to generate and attract users and customers.

Third, online classified ads, even if it is local, can attract other customers or readers from a wider audience.  With the use of the search bar, one can access classified ads anywhere in the world. Unlike the conventional methods, advertisements placed are not searchable and you have to manually browse through the printed pages.  Thus, even if your ad is posted in a local niche market, your ad can reach other markets as well when posted online.

Fourth, the sources of classified ads have maturity.  Once the date of issue has expired, readers will not bother to read the paper or magazine anymore.  With Craigslist and other related sites, unless deleted by the administrator, users can still view ads even if they were posted two years ago.  Thus, you do not have to keep on paying and posting to renew your ads online as opposed to older methods wherein you have to publish again to make your ad relevant. 

Fifth, online classified ads can be redundant.  You can post them in thousands of sites whether relevant or not to what you offer.  You can post ads in forums, comments and suggestion boxes, blogs, and RSS feeds.  The possibilities are endless for as long as you are creative. Traditional classified ad methods call for more expenses each time you post your ads to more publications.  Very often, the market is limited only to the usual subscribers of the publications. 

With the aforementioned ideas, you can deduce that posting through online classified ads can be tedious.  However, if you will learn strategies on how to make your online classified ads more effective and finding the right websites such as Craigslist, you will surely achieve your objectives in posting ads.