When the population of the world is analyzed, there are a majority of people who believe that there is a God. The majority of beliefs are very similar, that there is one God and how you live your life is an important part of your religion. Each religion will urge good behavior over bad and there are rewards in the afterlife for all the good we create in life.

Unfortunately the ideas are solid and positive but then they are placed in the hands of organized religion and suddenly a belief in God starts to take on a lot of negative characteristics. Organized religion has been the cause of war, death, famine and destruction all over the world. This has been true since the beginning of each and continues today. Organized religion manages to take a concept that should be nothing but positive and turn it into a negative divider of people that breeds hate and violence.

One of the first things that organized religion provides is a separation or divider among people. If you are a member of the Christian faith, then that is your religion and obviously you believe it is the only right religion. Someone who was raised in the Islamic faith thinks that very same thing. 

When you believe that you are right, then automatically everyone else is wrong, different and less valuable than you. This has been the cause of many religious based atrocities from bombing the World Trade Center on 9-11 to the crusades in the Middle Ages. Separation makes it alright to discriminate against someone else because they believe differently than you.

God does not need an organized religion to exist. These entities were created to control people and help them feel comfortable with their less than advantageous position in life.  The reward for accepting your lot in life was an eternal paradise in heaven. Until then give money to support the church in all its endeavors.

This control has always existed and can be seen in any organized religion today.  The more control a religious organization has, the more money it can make and the more people it can control. It is a vicious cycle because in looking for more control the process becomes either you are with them or your are against them. This again allows for people to look at others who is not a member of their faith as less than another and that can lead to violence.