Black Labrador Retriever(97138)Something wonderful happens when you own a Labrador Retriever.  You end up spending more time outdoors, your lifestyle becomes more active, and you’ll end up making more friends of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties.  So you might be thinking why a Labrador?  I’ll admit that when it comes to dogs, I’m heavily biased toward a Labrador since I’ve owned 2 black Labs and even use a photo of one of them for my avatar.  However, it's not just my opinion as Labrador retrievers are the most popular breed in the United States.  They have a playful intelligent personality that blends well into almost any family or individual's life.  What you may not realize is that they will train you as much as you will train them.


Labradors love running, jumping, and playing outdoors with you.  You can take them on boats, swim with them in pools or lakes, or take them hunting.  It doesn’t matter if you walk, jog, run, or hike as long as they get to go with you.  Plus, the "retriever" in their name comes from their drive to bring something back to you.  A stick, a tennis ball, a Frisbee, or even a soccer ball will work. Just be ready to throw it over and over.

Couch potatoes beware; they will use any of a number of tricks to get you up and moving.  If you try to resist, Labs will find a creative means to get what they want.  For instance, If I’m lying on the couch, my dog has figured out that she can climb on me and lick the inside of my ear to get me moving.  Before you know it, you will be walking your Lab 2 or 3 times a day, making trips to the park, and improving your own fitness as a result. 


Few dogs have the appetite and food drive of a Lab.  They are right by your side at every meal trying to convince you to share your food with them, and it doesn’t even matter if they just ate their food.  They act as though every meal is their last, and they have no idea if they will ever get fed again.  Not to mention that it’s hard to resist giving them food when they lay their head lovingly in your lap and stare up at you with sad expressive eyes.  The good news is that every time you share a little of your meal with your doggie companion, the result is that you eat a slightly smaller meal.  Consider it forced portion control which when combined with moving more will have a positive effect on your waist line.

Social Life

Labrador Retrievers are incredibly friendly dogs and great around kids as well as adults.  They are a social magnet, and it’s amazing how many people will stop and talk to you just because they want to meet your dog.  I love all the connections that I’ve made on walks with my dogs.  People perceive you as more approachable with a friendly dog so they are more likely to talk to you.  Dogs are social animals so they want to greet everyone they meet which acts as an ice breaker to start a conversation.  I’ve even planned doggie play dates in my yard or at a park with other dogs that get along well with my dog.

The best part about owning a Labrador Retriever is that they make everything so much more fun and the health and fitness is a wonderful side effect.  So if you are ready to become a responsible pet owner, I highly recommend the Labrador Retriever who will be your pet, but also your fitness coach, stress reliever, and best friend rolled into one.