So it's not like you can just get Arbonne at your local supermarket or health food store. Which means that you are now online searching for answers as to whether it is a scam or if it is really the extra hassle.

Well, here are some of the reasons why I'm hooked on Arbonne beauty and health products.

Family Connection

Frankly, if my brother-in-law had not started selling this product, I may have never tried it. Which just goes to show the strength of Arbonne's multi-level marketing plan. They seem to understand the power of the human connection and employ it to their business advantage.

Most likely, if you are online searching for information about Arbonne, it because you, too, have a friend or family member who has tried it and recommended it (or attempted to sell you on it). Well, it worked for me. I was willing to hear him out, and then try a sample he offered.

Pure Product

Arbonne's focus is on providing exceptionally pure body products. And so the first time I tried it, I could tell the difference. It just feels and smells so much healthier and lighter than the other products I typically use.

As my brother-in-law pointed out, most products on the market are petroleum-based. This means that every day we are washing and lathering and lotion-ing our face with chemicals our bodies were never meant to handle. That is especially concerning when you realize that our skin is our largest organ -- and will readily absorb whatever we place on its surface.

By using all botanical ingredients without preservatives, Arbonne provides a product that is not detrimental to your body.

This also has a downside in that the products cannot last as long as their competitor's products -- making normal warehousing and retailing of the product virtually impossible

Plus, compared to other multi-level products out there such as Mary Kay, Arbonne provides each reseller with a complete list of their ingredients to the products, which I found to be a helpful way to really "see" the purity they claim to have.

Discounted Prices

The nice thing is with Arbonne's direct-ship and reseller and preferred customer programs, it is easy to get the Arbonne products at a discount. In fact, most people never pay full retail for their product (it's being sold to you by friends, remember?)

I'm not much of a salesman, so I decided not to enter the "business" side of the company. However, I am convinced that it is a quality product.

A Tough Decision

It's hard to tell your friends and family "no", but if you are not looking for a new product, be sure to stand your ground. After all, most of your friends will respect you for whatever decision you make. However if you do decide to pursue it further, try to get a sample and review some of their literature.