It's none of my business to ask people why they don't like investing in real estate, but in conversation people will talk about themselves and what they're up to and their opinions on lots of things. Like other people I do this too, so often conversation revolves around to – you guessed it – investing in real estate. I've heard everything from "my wife won't let me" to "the market's not great right now". So what, these are just excuses from getting into one of the best businesses there is – investing in real estate.

I don't like investing in real estate because – my wife/husband won't let me

This one is a cop out – a poor excuse. Any couple who are working together with openness, honesty, affection and a genuine drive towards common goals should be investing in real estate. If you want to invest in real estate and your partner won't, talk to them about it. If you know something they don't, let them know too – you're on the same team and should be sharing information with each other. If they genuinely disagree with you, and maintain that investing in real estate is not a good idea – get them to do some independent reading and research of their own. Tell them to read some Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump, then talk together about it.

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I don't like investing in real estate because – the market's not great right now

Come on – get real. So the market's down, it's the best time to invest in real estate. Do you really want to buy when the prices are up and increase the risk of losing on your investment? Buy when the prices are down and increase your chances of making a profit. Makes sense right? Right. It always confuses me when people say that the market's down so they're not buying. It defies logic, really it does. If you want to buy, say, a car – and the price falls, are you seriously going to say "No, I won't buy that car because the price is too low"? No, I didn't think so.

We need to apply the same logic to investing in real estate. If the prices are low, buy! You'll never be in a position to profit of rising prices unless you get in at the best time to do so, and that is when the market is down. It's not hard to make money investing in real estate – there's many ways to do it. And please don't wheel out that old excuse of not having any money to invest in real estate – I'm not even going to respond to that – it's not worth the energy – there's plenty of ways, get hungry, find information, get rich through investing in real estate. Enjoy!