One of the most misunderstood things about hunting from non-hunters is as to why they hunt and find joy in killing innocent animals. There are many reasons people hunt. Here are some of the top reasons why people hunt animals.


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Traditionally people hunted for food. Out pioneer ancestors were forced to hunt animals if they wanted to feed their family. Hunting animals is much more humane then buying them in the stores. I would much rather eat a healthier turkey shot in the wild that had not chemicals as opposed to the turkeys bought in the grocery store. It is disgusting if you have ever been to a large turkey farm that has poor standards. On the other hand wild turkeys lead a good life and tastes better. The taste of wild game is much different than what we may be used to in the stores but it is much healthier because no hormones are added to the animal.

In today’s World there are still a lot of people that use hunting as a way to subsidize their food supply for their family. Yes they buy food at the grocery store but they are also able to feed their family meat throughout the year from the deer they shot in the fall time.

There are also many more people who do not have to hunt for food but they choose to hunt because they enjoy the sport of hunting. Even though they may not have to rely on the meat most of them will eagerly eat up the meat and if they do not eat much meat will give it to people who will happily eat it up.



A lot of men and women who hunt do it because they love the sporting aspects of hunting. When people hunt they can get this huge adrenaline surge and it can be hard to get anything in the real world that appeals to their senses as much as hunting.

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The history and tradition of hunting goes way back in the genealogy for many families. Fathers pass onto their children the hunting skills that they have learned from their father. The cycle continues. Kids learn to respect guns and wildlife. Kids learn why hunting is such an integral part of our society.

Animal Conservation Management

If we let the wildlife expand at breed at will then there would be a huge shortage of food for the deer to eat and then they would die off because of starvation. When we hunt animals we are hunting animals that the Fish and Game estimates we need to hunt to help keep the population in check. A pack of deer dying of starvation is a truly sad sight. Hunting animals following standard protocol s much more humane then letting these wild animals go through cycles of starvation.


Hunting is a great way to get out into Nature. Not only do you get outdoors when you are hunting but you also get outside before the hunting season even begins so you can scout out the territory and look for tracks so you can narrow down the area you want to hunt in when the season does open.


People who are from families or areas where hunting is not common may view it as a dangerous sport. If you live in an urban area with a high crime rate it can be understandable why you would associate guns with danger; however, the sport of hunting is very safe.

Studies have shown that activities such as deer hunting is much safer than football and other high impact sports. You let your kid’s go play football so you should also let them hunt if they are interested in it. You do need to realize why hunting is a safe activity. Hunting is a safe activity because people are trained to safely carry and use the weapon. Hunters are not blindly shooting at anything that moves. There are strict safety requirements that are generally followed. The only exception is if you go hunting with former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Environmentally Friendly

Hunters tend to spend a lot of time in the outdoors and often see trends beginning to occur before the general public does. If a clear lake is suddenly very dirt they can report it to the proper officials and the EPA and they can investigate as to whether it is naturally occurring or because of someone dumping toxic residue into the water.

Numerous time hunters have stumbled across dead bodies and bones from crimes that have occurred. This has helped out law enforcement tremendously by having a body and helping to find the killer, get the killer off the streets, and most importantly to keep the person from killing again. In the manner hunting is one of the most moral activities that can be done. Killing people is bad but killing deer and other wild animals is good as long as you follow all laws, regulations, and safety procedures.

Many people who are against hunting have a lot of preconceived notions that are not entirely accurate. Many of the arguments they raise are not even worthy of debating because they are so false; however, the anti-hunting crowd does raise some good points. I think overall we have reached a good middle ground where hunters and non-hunters are able to come together and agree on regulation for the industry. It is the extremes of both groups that are bad. People who believe you should hunt without regulation and people who believe there should be no hunting are both at extremes that is not good for anyone.

Hunting also pumps a lot of money into local economies. People spend money when it comes time for hunting season and will spend money on rifles, ammo, food, lodging, and many other activities that help to encourage economic growth of our economy. When out of people come to a particular State to hunt even more money is spent.