Ladies and Gentlemen! Many of us adore jewelry and most of us love rings. But for those of us who don't, we do not have much of a choice relating to getting engaged or married. It truly is traditional to exchange rings. But rings may also be worn for fashion or to indicate standing in civilization. The actual fact is that we have a tendency to love rings and almost every ethnicity on earth wears them. So where did our love of rings originate? Why do we love them so much? All this will be clarified during this short editorial.

Rings have been present in history as early as the Egyptian civilization of the pharaohs where rings have been seen with engravings of the beetle which were imagined to be a symbol of the globe. Rings are found in different places on the planet including in North America amongst the Native American tribes and also in the Far East.

Rings became a big deal in the present globe with the start of medieval Europe. They were worn by one and all including the ruling class along with the peasants. The metals from which they were made signified the prosperity and status of the wearers. In medieval Europe, rings were strongly tied to magical powers and influence. Just as in many Asian countries, certain varieties of rings or the stones that they carried were related to certain kinds of energies or Gods and were imagined to shape the wearers life in some constructive way.

As an Asian, I can certainly state that where I come from rings have always been a big deal. These are associated with magical properties, gurus and astrologers.Many superstitious people go to these astrologers to resolve some problem in their lives. The problem might be related to money, love, reputation, professions or commerce. The astrologer will study their birth charts and come up with a motive why the planetary alignments are messing up these people's lives and then will prescribe some ring with a certain stone to counter the ill effects from the bad planets.

Rings are a part of stories everywhere in the planet. Recently, We now have seen the great Lord of the Rings made into a motion picture but this tale in its many forms has been around for ages. Rings that contain a particular power and impact the whole planet. These stories are incredible and capture our imagination.

Rings have always held a unusual import in our lives. Nowadays the most significant rings are wedding rings that happen to be a symbol of love and commitment. Nowadays, we wear rings on each finger of the hand and even on the toes but wedding rings have always been historically worn on the ring finger. Rings will always be part of our world-wide human society because they allow us to show emotion passively and are a symbol of our emotions and hopes.