Alaska is continuing to grow in population. What attracts people to this State? Why would people move to this State when they know it can be so cold in the wintertime and some parts of the year there is no sun and other parts of the year the sun won’t go down? Why do people still find Alaska an attractive place to move to? Here are some of the top reasons why people are moving to Alaska.

The Allure

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The Allure of Alaska is unmistakable and unlike any other State in the Unions. Alaska is vastly different from any other State in the United States. Heck, even the various parts of Alaska are vastly different from each other. The largest State by land size is still low in population, but is much higher than it used to be. Most of Alaska seems to be living in the Anchorage area and Fairbanks Area. If you are willing to travel to other communities such as the barren Barrow Alaska you will find there are very few people living there, yet the population continues to grow albeit at a smaller pace.

Alaska is home to the Northern Lights, sled dogs, crab fishing boats, gold, and some of the most beautiful and spectacular mountains in the World. All of these things help to make the allure of Alaska so strong that people cannot resist their overwhelming urge to move there.

Fishing Industry

The Fishing Industry in Alaska is huge. We all see the television show “The Deadliest Catch” where they go crab fishing in the boats for a few weeks each year and made a lot of money. Some of the fisherman love Alaska and end up residing in Alaska permanently.

In addition to the fishermen there are all of the laborers that work at the canneries and the off shore canneries processing the fish and crab that come though during the fishing season. These people are the heart and soul of the fishing industry in Alaska because if it was not for these people the rest of the World would not be able to experience eating all of the great fish and crab that is caught in the Alaskan waters.


Many people come to Alaska to work in the Oil Industry. The North Slope is home to some of the hardiest workers in the world. These guys work up to 16 hours a day for a couple of weeks straight and then get a couple of weeks off. There 16 hour days are often done working outside in subzero temperatures. This brutal and hard work in extreme cold weather is done because the workers are well compensated. As oil exploration keeps expanding in Alaska you will find more people relocating to Alaska to work in the oil industry.


Many people come to Alaska so they can study wildlife, wildlife patterns, and the natural habitats. Nowhere else in the United States can you find the abundance and variation of wildlife and natural plants like you can in Alaska. Alaska is a great place for people to study Mother Nature and the people are truly grateful that we were able to purchase Alaska from Russia.

Outdoor Careers

Many people visit Alaska for guided fishing and hunting trips. This industry allows many people to be employed as a hunting or fishing guide. These people love to live in Alaska because they basically get paid to help other people fish and hunt. There are a lot of people who move up to Alaska from the Lower 48 because they have dreams of becoming an outdoor hunting and or fishing guide also.


Gold is still being prospected and mined in Alaska. Alaska is producing a lot of gold each year and there is still plenty more to be found. Some people move to Alaska to prospect on their own while other people move to Alaska to work in the mining industry. There are some huge mining companies in Alaska that employ a lot of workers.  One of the coolest things about these jobs is that while you are living in Alaska working you also get the opportunity to take advantage of all the other things that Alaska has to offer such as some of the greatest Salmon fishing in the World.

Spirit of Adventure

Many people relocate to the State of Alaska because of the Spirit of Adventure they possess. This is the same reason that many other people moved to Alaska during other periods in her history. The Spirit of Adventure may lead you to participate in the Iditarod Sled dog race, building and living in a remote cabin, climbing Mount McKinley, commercial fishing for crab, or one of a million other adventures that Alaska can offer to her people.

Alaska Television Shows

Alaska is host to multiple television shows including “The Deadliest Catch” and “Alaska State Troopers”. Shows such as these have made the State an interesting place for people to decide they want to move to. Some of these people that watch these shows will get interested in Alaska because of these shows on television and then they will read and research more about the State. Eventually some of these people will visit Alaska and then ultimately decide to move there. It does not matter whether they move there for a year or for the rest of their lives, because the Alaskan based television shows is what helps bring them to the State in the first Place. Life in Alaska can be summarized by watching the television show Alaskan State Troopers because it shows how people live in different parts of the State. The way people live in Ketchikan Alaska along the Kenai Peninsula is much different than how people live in the Northern Most town in the United States, Barrow Alaska.

Alaska is a beautiful State and if you ever visit Alaska you will begin to understand why so many people are attracted to the State and would like to move here.