Why People Pick Their Nose And Sing In Their Car

I can guarantee you that before you even drive 5 kilometres you will catch somebody either picking their nose or singing in their car! This had occurred to me when I had noticed a handful of people doing these things everyday as I drove to work; at first I thought that it was a coincidence, but after about 10 times in a row, I had realized that it was more than a mere coincidence.

I had then observed my own subconscious acts within my time that I had spent driving, and noticed that I had done some of the same things; yes, I am admitting that I both pick my nose and sing while I am driving in the car. I do not sing in any other circumstances, except for when I am driving in my car. I did not know why this was, so I decided to analyze the situation to find out why me, as well as many other people, end up picking their nose and singing while they are driving in the car.

After numerous surveys and observations, I have come to the conclusion that people pick their nose and sing while they are driving because they feel a comfort level that they do not feel in any other situation. There are a few factors that allow this comfort level to be present. These factors may be individually found in other situations; however, driving in a car is one of the only circumstances that facilitates the presence of all of the factors at once. The combination of all of these factors is in essence what causes people to pick their nose and sing while driving!

Alone In The Car

Unless you are a taxicab driver or are participating in a frequent car pool, most of your driving will be done with you being the only person in the car. Of course there are times in which you will be driving with someone in the passenger seat; however, those are not the times in which you will be picking your nose or singing in the car. Although you may feel extremely comfortable with other people such as your spouse or best friend, you will always feel the most comfortable when you are alone. You may feel comfortable doing NEARLY anything when you are around those people listed above; however, you will feel comfortable doing ABSOLUTELY anything when you are alone.

You may be sharing the road that you are driving on with thousands of other people, but you are well aware that you are not sharing your car with anybody else when you are driving alone. This knowledge of you being alone promotes this mentality of "anything goes" because you then feel comfortable doing ABSOLUTELY anything. The only problem with this feeling is that many other people can see you when you are driving. Although you are alone in your car, there may be somebody present a few feet to your left, and a few feet to your right. part of your actions can be attributed to the falsified feeling of solitude that being alone in a car provides you with!

Thinking That Nobody Can See Them

This factor is usually present only when all of the windows of the car are fully closed; furthermore, this is even truer when the car has tinted windows. People have the perception that nobody can see them when they are driving in their car; this allows their comfort level to increase a slight bit. Once again, this is a falsified feeling because the driver can be seen in their car even with the darkest tints of the legal level. This factor affects the nose picking action in a major manner, and the singing action in a minor manner. This is because nose picking is perceived as disgusting and vulgar by many people, which causes people to avoid doing in whenever they can be seen; when they believe that they cannot be seen (when they are driving alone) they are much more prone to pick at their nose when they feel like it. However, singing is more of a personal insecurity, and the extent that they will do it depending upon whether or not they perceive that they can be seen is entirely up to the driver and their personality. Although the perception of not being seen affects both of the actions due to the increase in comfort level; it affects the nose picking action much more than the singing action.

Thinking That Nobody Can Hear Them

This factor is also usually present when all of the windows of the car are at least almost fully closed. The perception of not being heard brings a whole new comfort level to the individual as they can say absolutely anything that they want, and in any way that they want without the fear of anybody hearing and judging them. Since there is no noise associated with picking your nose, this factor solely affects the driver's choice to sing; however, it greatly affects this choice as it is the deciding factor. This perception may also cause the driver to feel comfortable doing other things such as talking to themselves, thinking out loud, and cursing. Though this is not a falsified sense of not being heard because they actually cannot be heard when their windows are fully shut, it is a falsified sense of comfortability because they can still be entirely seen. You may not hear what the driver's singing voice sounds like, but you sure know that they are singing because you can see their facial expressions as they belt out that chorus to their favourite song.

You can often see drivers picking their nose and singing their favourite song while they are driving alone because a car facilitates an increased comfort level. This comfort level is not entirely true, as some of the factors that increase the comfort level only mask the truth; however, a driver probably feels more comfortable in their car than right outside of their house. This increased comfort level can be attributed to the combination of a few factors that can only be found as a combination when driving a car alone; this increased comfort level is what leads to the nose picking and singing. The next time that you are about to pick your nose and sing in your car, just remember that you can be seen, and sometimes heard despite your feeling that you cannot be. Think twice before you pick your nose or sing in the car because that person beside you might be looking right at you as you do it!