Owing to the rising cost of health care health insurance has become a must have of our lives which cannot be ignored in any way. But still a major section of society is either not aware of its importance or just ignoring it intentionally. Only in US about 1 million people are still uninsured. What do you think what could be the reason behind such trend? Can we expect from US residents to live in ignorance about the importance of health insurance policy? The answer is 'No'. A large majority of uninsured person is not ignorant of its importance rather they are not able to afford this health facility for them and their family.

1- High Premiums and Co-Pays

Yes, its' true that on one hand medical health cost is touching highest levels and on other hand high premiums and co-pays for health insurance policy are not manageable within average monthly income. For some people it is about one fourth or one third of their total monthly income to pay as premium for health insurance every month. Therefore they prefer to live uninsured rather than flowing their hard-earned income into high premiums.

2- Young People are Less Likely to Go for Health Insurance

After high premium cost the second factor which keeps people away from taking health insurance is the fact young people needs less health facilities as compared to old people. And as we all are aware of the fact that majority always comprises young people therefore they don't bother to indulge in this health facility which they think will only increase the burden over their monthly expenses rather than giving any special benefit in near future.

3- Inflexible Terms and Conditions

Third reason is inflexible terms and conditions come with many health insurance policies. The fact is that people just accept the first plan offered to them rather than doing research to get competitive rates and flexible terms. This thing discourages a majority of people and subsides the importance of this useful facility which not only protects their family health but also assist them in facing the grave problem of rising health care cost.