Every four years the world is subject to the worst event in sports called the Winter Olympics. Although it is hard to argue against the world coming together in a celebration of sportsmanship and competition, still the winter Olympics are a trial. For a real sports fan they happen at the lull of a season between football and baseball. There is really no sports viewing competition for the two weeks that they are occurring yet I refuse to watch one second of this so called sporting event. I enjoy the idea of the Olympic spirit but there are just too many good reasons to avoid watching these cold weather activities. 

No real sports fan enjoys any sport that is totally subjective like figure skating. It is a fantastic display of athleticism and that is great but when the winners and losers are chosen by the opinion of ab expert then it ceases to be a sport and turns into an exhibition of athleticism. 

If the skaters were being timed or trying to knock each other over than maybe I could respect that.  When the signature event of the Olympics could be won because of the reputation of the participants, I refuse to watch and lend any sort of credibility to it. All competition which relies on personal opinion are not sports they are simply exhibitions in athleticism, no better or worse than professional wrestling.

Another reason not to watch is the weather. For those who live in a cold climate, by February they are sick and tired of winter already. That means that to tune into the winter Olympics is to watch people doing things that not only like cold weather but they require it to exist. It is bad enough to freeze in real life, watching people do it on television is just silly.

Besides figure skating, the winter version of the Olympics provides the absolute worst sports ever created. Let’s start with snowboarding which is at best an activity and at worst boring. It is just skateboarding on the snow and that is not a sport because it is something that people with nothing better to do with their time participate in. 

Another great example of a lame sport is curling. This has got to be the most idiotic sport ever created. It takes three people to make the big kettle things move up the ice. I am not entirely sure but isn’t this just shuffleboard on ice?  My grandmother can play shuffleboard and I am not tuning in to watch a sport that an 85 year old lady could dominate with a little bit of training and desire.