Think before Buying a Dog as a Gift

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Why buy someone a pet for Christmas?

Animals are not toys, or something to play with and then forgotten. Pets require a lot of love, care and attention. Yes, a kittens or puppies are so cute, then like kids they grow up. Too many people buy gifts like pets without realizing that the majority of them end up in shelters or dumped on the street, and left to fend for themselves.

Think before you by anyone a pet as a gift

Make sure the person you are intending to buy a pet for really would like that particular pet. One person may accept a small bird in a cage, whereas they would resent a small puppy scurrying around their feet. Puppies need a lot of attention, and time spent on training. A working person may not have the extra time needed.

A planned gift of a pet is great as long as the person has requested that particular pet. A surprise gift of a pet is not a good idea unless you know what that person wants. Never buy a pet because that person has recently lost a beloved family person or their dog or cat. They may not be ready for one, and resent it.

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Finding the Right Pet

How to choose the right dog?

For various reasons, one pet that is ideal for one child is not suitable for all children. Therefore, a lot of research needs to be done before buying any pets.

I will refer mainly to dogs in this case. A business person working long hours may not have time for a dog that needs regular exercise every day.

Zhi-Tzu's -need grooming and need to have their fur cut every two - three months. Everyone can not afford this added expense, especially if on a pension.

Jack Russell- is a great dog but very active, many older people could easily trip over an overactive small dog and break their brittle bones.


Beware of throwing stick for a dogCredit: Titan's Photography


Blue Heeler (cattle dogs) these are brilliant dogs. We have one, and he is so beautiful, he gets our mail, carries shopping into the house, and gets our shoes. I am sure he thinks he is human like us. At the same time, Bred as working dogs, they need good training. Given an active lifestyle with his family, he will reward you for your affection tenfold. Faithful dogs and will protect you from any aggressor.

Having said this, if not treated right he can become aggressive like any other dog. It is common knowledge that a blue heeler will let people into the yard and keep them there. They will nip your heels, aptly named a heeler.

This Kindle ebook will walk you through the process of choosing your puppy. Learning how to care and feed him making sure he has his vaccinations and last but not least good training. By doing this you will have another great member in your family.

Choosing a Dog on Impulse

 Selecting a family dog Never buy a dog for the family on impulse. Do your research. Weigh up the good and bad points of different breeds. Then select the best one to suit your family. Do not buy a dog from a puppy mill. Either go to a reputable breeder or buy one from a shelter.

Shelters - have a huge amount of unwanted dogs. Some of these have already got beyond the puppy stage, which means, no more digging holes and chewing up your shoes. That is, if trained in the beginning.

One of these may be more suitable than a untrained puppy. Buying one from a shelter would also mean they have had the required shots and vacinations that keep dogs healthy.

Veterinary expenses

This is another thing to consider before buying a dog. Vet expenses do not come cheap. Dogs need to be a part of the family. Like humans, they will need continual medical checkups and vaccinations. Do not put your dog's life at risk by not having the correct vaccinations.

Pets can be great gifts. As long as you check out all the above and if your friend or family member can accept these aspects of owning a dog and have the time to put in for training. If you have ticked all of the above then by all means, buy them a beautiful pet.

Otherwise try and find another idea or why not create and make a gift from your own seashells or even jewelry gift from shells


Why not share the Christmas Celebrations workload with your family this Christmas and make it easier for everyone

Give your pets a great Christmas this year by treating them to a Christmas Gift of their own.

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