The pug.


If you've ever known or loved a pug, you know that they are the most docile and strange creatures in existance, and certianly impossible not to love. They are affectionate, loyal, and make great additions to families with children. If you haven't yet had the chance to be cuddled by a pug, you're missing out.


But if you're on the fence about whether this breed is right for you, I'd like to review some of the finer points of being loved by these smoosh-faced babies.



Someone forgot to tell you that pugs are stubborn? They are incredibly, incredibly stubborn. Potty training takes a long time (anywhere from 2 months to two years... seriously) and don't be surprised if your pug squats right in front of you (looking you in the eye, no less) while you're in your living room watching tv. They don't care. They're just made that way. And you'll ask yourself, "how is this possible that my dog CANNOT understand this simple act of peeing outside?" and you'll rant about it (and maybe cry a little); then one day, one very special day... they'll do it. And you'll rave a lot (and maybe cry a little) and feel like you've won the Olympics. Keep at it, be strong, and be firm that this is important - and praise your pug for peeing outside. A lot.



Pugs want to play with you. In fact it seems they're more interested in playing with people than with other dogs (except other pugs, sometimes). Though the sessions can be short-lived, expect snorting, tail-chasing, runningsofastIcan'tcontrolmyself, butt-in-the-air, tail wagging and a little barking. They love it. This will be a good time for at least 3 minutes! After that, it's water time... maybe a little more water after that. Then sleep.



The best thing about walking pugs is that they attract a lot of attention. Even people who have nearly been mauled to death by a dog will be clamoring for a chance to just touch your pug. They have magical powers. Toddlers will lean out of their strollers and pull their pacifiers out, reaching towards the pug with a "I need to touch you!" moan. People will smile incessantly at the pug, then you, then back at the pug. Women will pass with a friend and say "oh my god, look at that dogggggggg" as if they were fussing over their best friend's new baby. Oh wait, the pug stopped walking. The pug is sitting in the middle of the sidewalk refusing to move. Ah yes, you've reached the three-block limit, looks like you'll be carrying your pug home now. Pugs are not very active and have a tendency to overheat, so respect your pug if they need to sit down for a while. They'll likely need water too. They have a short nasal passage so they'll likely be doing some great snorting at this point too.



Pugs like to eat a lot. They shouldn't eat a lot, so make sure you keep an eye on what your pug consumes. High-quality dog food is a great option, or make your own dog food. They have a tendency to be overweight, which is hard on their little legs and can cause (more) problems down the road. You're doing both of you a favor on this one.

When eating, they'll be additional snorting. There will also be food and water all over their face, which will make you wonder if anything actually made it into their mouth.



Pugs have a cute wrinkle over their nose. Despite the fact that this wrinkle look fairly topical, it's actually quite deep. This needs to be kept dry to avoid any infection or bacterial growth, which is a bit tricky considering the above-mentioned eating and drinking habits.



Pugs sleep a lot. With you. Your pug loves you and wants to cuddle you, a lot. Pugs will stare you down until you allow a passage onto your soft bed, allow them their own pillow and cover them with a blanket. They honestly seem to love this kind of treatment. They snore, so be ready for that. If you can't stand sleeping in the same bed with your pug, place their bed on the floor next to yours and lure them in with love (a massage).



A pug's tongue was not designed to fit completely inside their mouth. You'll find that when sleeping, a pug's tongue will slip out of the mouth and the pug will act like nothing is wrong. Just roll with it. Also, pugs have a tendency to "air lick", which seems like a half attempt to lick their nose (physically impossible) and inhale air. They could probably do this for hours. This air licking has no rhyme or reason and induces burping.



Your pug needs to be with you. They are very, very attached to their human companions and do not do well staying alone for long periods of time. You'll find that you will create a different bond with a pug than you would with other dogs, they're more like furry toddlers. Pugs will be attached to their companions.

For all these reasons and plenty more, a pug may be the strangest and most lovable dog that you'll ever have the chance to love. If you like a little eccentricity, you'll be very happy with a pug.


Pug and Tongue(63110)
Credit: Ollie the pug