Throughout many years there have been various different types of floor mats for chairs. Finally, the development of these products, have reached its peak when bamboo chair mats came into play. These floor mats are made from the strongest part of each bamboo plant.

They come in various colors such as natural finish, as well as dark cherry, and come in different sizes to meet all your flooring needs. This product is all around perfect for any house hold and provides many benefits over ordinary floor mats. Here some reasons on why you should choose bamboo chair mats!

bamboo chair mat

Always Stays In Place

These mats will never slip, slide, or move and works great on hardwood flooring, tile, and carpet. Each matt has either felt or rubber backing underneath as well as non-skid dots that keep the matt in place. It also works well as a protective cushion to avoid damaging your flooring.


Not only does bamboo floor mats deliver on all you’re flooring needs, it is also great for helping our environment because it is harvested from renewable forests. When means, each time a bamboo plant is cut down, a new sprout system occurs and it will create another 3-5 will plants from it. Also, bamboo is so resourceful everything down the saw dust can be, and is used.

Brings the Room Together

One of the benefits of having these mats is the marvelous beauty that it brings to each and every room. The dark cherry and natural finish colors makes each room look elegant and gives it a touch of class that no other floor mat can give. The enormous amount of compliments from your friends alone will make you happy about your purchase.

Easy To Store/Move

These mats are extremely lightweight, so cleaning underneath them and moving them around to where you need them is a breeze. Also, if you need to travel or no longer need them for the time being, simply roll them up, they were specially designed for easy storage.

Easy Clean Up

With these mats you no longer have to worry about spills. Your floor is protected from these spills so they will not leak through and ruin your flooring. Simply wipe the matt clean and you’re done.

Safe for Kids

Ordinary floor mats are bulky and have awkward edges; these can cause trips and falls for smaller children and even adults. When Bamboo was introduced into development, these factors were taken into consideration. That’s why these mats were created with smoothed round edges and are only 1/4 inch thick.


Being made from the strongest part of the bamboo makes these the best floor mats available all on its own. They are durable, long lasting and scratch resistant.

In Summary, with these Bamboo floor mats not only will you bring beauty to your home, you will have durable long lasting mats that will save you money and help the environment.