I'm noticing more and more people talking about the benefits of honey and using it as a sweetener in their coffee and food. A lot of people are afraid to use sucrose and are very comfortable with raw honey. Raw honey is different than most sugars that are in our food supply. High fructose corn syrup is a completely man made food. This is the same for aspartame and Splenda. Thy are man made chemicals that really pose a huge health concern to our culture. Raw honey is made naturally by bees. It's extremely safe and very good for you. Apart from the noticeable benefits of its mineral content. It also contains amazingly antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Some of these properties are lost unfortunately when you pasteurize the honey. Raw honey's biggest benefit is it's fructose content. Many people are unaware of the benefits of fructose. Many people are told that fructose causes all these diseases and we should avoid it. The truth is you want to be consuming fructose as long as you're consuming enough protein and fat to go along with that. I think that people are becoming more open-minded about sugar. There isn't so much of a fear of sugar anymore as more people are realizing that high fructose corn syrup and other things in our environment are causing us Poor health. It's not just about eating too much sugar but not eating the right frequencies, ratios of foods. People have very poor food frequency. They may eat one meal early in the morning and another meal very late at night. Their causing huge blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day by doing this. People are under huge amounts of blue light through fluorescent lighting. There are so many things that are causing our culture to have health problems and our consumption of honey is not one of them.

I rarely see anybody eating honey and if they do it's usually commercial pasteurized honey. The problem with this honey isn't so much the pasteurization as much as what's in it. They fill it with tons of additives and preservatives to dilute the honey. This is done in order to save money when it's produced. This does save them money and allow them to make more profit but at the cost of affecting our own health. We as consumers have to start buying raw honey instead of pasteurized conventional honey. If enough people do this then it will force the industry to clean up their act and give us higher quality honey. It strange that were more concerned about the price of foods then are own health I know many people use sweeteners such as Stevia and they are more comfortable with this. I'm not against this although it doesn't contain any nutrients. I think for the money you're much better off to get raw honey. They say that Stevia doesn't cause blood sugar fluctuations but that is because it's just a herb. Some people really like the taste to Stevia while others are really unhappy with the taste. I find personally that honey taste's a lot better than Stevia but that is just my opinion. I've heard some people have so much problems with the taste of Stevia that they only consume raw honey now. Many people may think that Stevia is better because they think that the fructose in raw honey causes blood sugar fluctuations but that's far from the case. The fructose in raw honey will actually help regulate blood sugar by stimulating metabolism. If you increase your metabolism then you regulate blood sugar.


You can tell me that this study says that fructose causes this or that study shows fructose is bad for you but if you actually look at physiology and how the body works. You'll understand why sugar is so important to us. Our bodies run best with sugar in our diet. We can convert proteins and fats to sugar but we run best with a dietary consumption of carbohydrates. I look around the grocery stores and all the food contains high fructose corn syrup. There is no honey or sucrose in our foods. We keep blaming sugar but were not blaming what's really the culprit. It's high fructose corn syrup and all the additives, preservatives and other things that are decorated in our food supply that is causing all these health problems. If we start putting raw honey into soft drinks we would see a huge decrease in diabetes and obesity. Were continually seeing a rise in obesity even though we keep saying that the reason why everyone is getting fat and sick is because were consuming too much sugar. I see people all the time trying to reduce their intake of sugar and losing weight short term but eventually gaining back even more weight. The trick to losing weight long term in a healthy way is to work with sugar by eating the right types of sugars. Raw honey and fruits are your best sources of carbohydrates.


I think another reason why raw honey is catching on is because people are comfortable with consuming honey. Honey is produced by bees so it's natural. More people are aware of what honey is in comparison to Stevia. If I asked people what Stevia was a lot more people would know what honey is over Stevia. This is partly due to the fact that honey play such a crucial role in our generations food supply. We may not be consuming that much honey now but in the past it was a much bigger part of our diet. At least until high fructose corn syrup and sucrose came into play.


In conclusion, I think that raw honey is catching on because people want to consume sugars that will help them improve their health. We need sugars in our diet in order to have optimal health. We need to be consuming raw honey, fruits, good quality sources of proteins and fats in order to be healthy. If we do not give our body what it needs in order to function properly then we end up with health problems. It's like giving a car the wrong type of gas. You need to respect your body enough to give it the right type of fuel in order to run best.