Georgette Heyer Novels are Fun to Read Books

I love reading and collecting Georgette Heyer’s regency novels. I love her books for many reasons and I also collect specific U.S. or British first editions of her books for the fantastic artwork that appears on certain dust jackets of her work published both in the U.S. and in Britain.

Georgette Heyer novels are charming and enchanting stories. They are also, simply, just fun books to read. They are love stories with happy endings and both her books and her indelible characters have become my top favorites to read and enjoy over and over again. This is true even though I have read my copies of her books many times over once I discovered her books.

Georgette Heyer’s heroines are strong female characters and I love how her heroes and heroines pair up and end as couples together.

The dialogue between Heyer’s characters is superb and often hilarious as are the secondary characters of in many of Heyer’s novels. Many of her secondary characters are also scene stealers. Cedric Brandon in The Corinthian particularly comes to mind.

The dialogue Georgette Heyer writes for all her characters is brilliant and witty. Scenes and conversations are memorable and they stand out. Enough so, that they are quote-worthy to repeat. Just the recollection of some conversations and scenes between her characters will make some Georgette Heyer fans laugh and smile. This is due in part to the regency slang or regency ‘cant’ that Heyer uses and uses so well in her books. Not all of it is easily understood, at first. However, readers can understand the gist of the dialogue easily enough and search online for any words or they understand less well.  I find Georgette Heyer’s books especially appealing because of these artful, funny and clever expressions. Sadly, not all readers care for these turns of phrase. 

Georgette Heyer’s regency novels are romantic love stories and intelligent comedies. Her books are light-hearted and sometimes silly. They depict both real life situations and the ridiculous and farcical circumstances, too. Georgette Heyer’s stories are also touching and timeless in their appeal. 

Heyer’s heroes and heroines are splendid and they become unforgettable favorites for many readers. They are also fallible and imperfect and lifelike, adding to the nuances and realism found in her books.

Heyer’s characters often get into scrapes and have to find a way to get out of them. This is when the fun begins and when many readers discover the joy of reading Georgette Heyer.

Georgette Heyer books offer happy endings and once many readers finish a Heyer’s romance, it is not uncommon to want to read the same book all over again or find another Georgette Heyer title to immediately begin reading.

New readers discovering the joy of reading an unread Heyer regency novel will further relish learning that there are more books of hers to read and nearly 40 of them in total to delve into for multiple hours of enjoyment.

Ask any Georgette Heyer fan which Heyer book title is their favorite and they will likely be stumped to name simply just one book. Many fans will state that they have read their copies of Heyer's books to the point that they can no longer be read and yet they will hang onto their badly worn copies until they can be replaced.

Georgette Heyer will exceed your expectations if you adore Jane Austen, love reading love stories, period dramas and tales of the London Season in centuries past. While most Georgette Heyer novels are light reading for sure, some of her books do contain more intricate plots with the occasional suspenseful mystery such as the one in The Talisman Ring. In another book, a brother and sister switch clothes and identities in The Masqueraders to escape their troubles before reuniting with their father whose own heritage provides the mystery that needs unraveling in this novel.

Georgette Heyer is unmatched for not only her linguistic skills and for the dialogue found in her novels but also for her incredible and meticulous research of the Regency period that she accumulated. These included thousands of reference books and other materials such as clipped illustrations of costumes and vocabulary that she recorded in her journals.

Georgette Heyer distinguished herself as the preeminent author and as an authority on the regency genre. After reading a Heyer novel, readers will gain a comprehensive view of how London high society ate, drank, how they spoke to one another, how they dressed, what dances were danced, how marriages and elopements took place and so on.

“By knowing more about Regency fops, rakes, routs and blades than anyone else alive, Georgette Heyer has turned what otherwise could be dismissed as a long series of sugary historical romances into a body of work that will probably be consulted by future scholars as the most detailed and accurate portrait of Regency life anywhere. She has also become the center of a genteel reading cult that has made her for years a runaway bestseller in England and now is spreading to the U.S., proliferating vociferously at ladies' luncheons and in lending libraries. But as with the late William Faulkner, you don't buy a book, you buy a world. If it suits you, you settle down forever.[1]

New and long-time readers of Georgette Heyer books can find and buy her novels at used books stores and on Amazon, EBay and on other online retailers. In the last few years, Sourcebooks publishing has re-issued her regency titles in paperback editions with beautiful and attractive artwork.

Kindle editions of Georgette Heyer’s ebook titles are still available for as little as $1.99. The recent price drop for the kindle editions of her books coincided with the anniversary of the August birthdate of this beloved author.

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