The Washington Redskins football franchise is one of the most beloved and cherished teams throughout the NFL. There are only a handful of franchises in the league for which fans loyally stick to a team during the worst of times. Redskins fans have seen the worst of times and then some. The question then remains, why are Redskins fans so passionate about their football team? Why haven’t the fans abandoned the team like they have for teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars? And how is it even possible that the Washington Redskins are one of the top merchandising franchises in the entire NFL. This article will essentially dissect the reasons why the Washington Redskins contain one of the most loyal and adoring fan bases out of the NFL.

            The Washington Redskins are one of the only teams to have a marching band in the NFL. With every touchdown and field goal, the fight song is played and sung by hundreds of thousands of fanatical fans. The song is titled “Hail To The Redskins” and produces an almost collegiate atmosphere when sung by roaring crowds. When watching the games on TV and in person, I’ve noticed the sound vibrations that happen throughout the stadium. The stadium shakes like a violent earthquake when the Redskins score. It’s truly unlike any sports spectacle that I’ve ever witnessed. Fedex field is not the only stadium that literally shook from excited Redskins fans. RFK also known as Robert F Kennedy stadium had audience seating that actually bounced and rocked while redskins fans chanted “We Want Dallas”.

           The Redsox have the Yankee’s, Manchester United has Liverpool and the Washington Redskins have the Dallas Cowboys. Lots of questions are asked about this rivalry and how it was formed. Some people believe George Allen in the 70’s was the architect in creating this long standing rivalry. George Allen told his Washington Redskins team that the Cowboys maneuvered their team into the NFC east division in order to guarantee consistent winning seasons against teams that were considered less superior. George Allen might be on to something. Dallas Texas is nowhere near the east coast. Why would a team from the center of the country be put into an eastern division? George Allen also took pride in the fact that his football team didn’t just represent a simple geographical area, it represented a country. George Allen questioned whether the Cowboys were really Americas team. He also made fun of the Cowboys by pointing out how they were portrayed as a flashy representation of Texas pride. The Washington Redskins on the other hand had characteristics that displayed hard working, blue collar, working class attributes. For example George Allen came up with a nickname for his team called the “Over The Hill Gang” a team filled with old bruising veteran football players with a chip on their shoulders.

          Obviously if your not a Redskins fan and your reading this article, you might not agree with my thoughts. But being a Redskins fan myself and currently living in the Boston area I see the relationship all to well between loyal fans and sports franchises. Redsox fans are fanatical about their team to the core. The Washington Redskins Fans are fanatical just as well. Both teams have long standing traditions that have been carried on for a decade of sports. That is why I believe the Washington Redskins Franchise has some of the most devoted and loyal fans out of the entire NFL.

Hail To The Redskins