Know When to Use the BulbCredit: Author

We all use night bulbs and replacing an old burned one with a new one is not an issue anymore. We don’t even think of repairing our night bulbs. Hats off to Thomas Edison who took pain and accepted the challenge of inventing a light bulb and also saved us from the hustle of fixing the burned ones.

It was not an easy task to invent light bulb. Thomas Edison gave a number of tries till he invented one of the greatest inventions. Once when asked about his failures and repeated tries, he replied, “I haven’t failed, I’ve discovered one more way how not to make a light bulb."

The statement made us to think over the point that basically, failures do not exist until we feel we failed. Each trial teaches us something that we would not have learned otherwise. We need then to make some changes to get our required result.

Similarly, in our daily life, to get what we really want from our life, we need to make certain changes, our perception on things, how we look at things and our way we deal with every situation in our life.

As in the case of a night bulb, our life also does not run smoothly, it may running smoothly at times and sometimes it feels like you're in a roller coaster. We get depressed and ignore other happy moments in our lives because we are so focused on making a mistake. We need hope and continue believing and to accept that this is how life is. We pass through the rough patches but if we have hope and motivatin then we'll be able to move forward and try again.

When we are stuck in a hard reality of life, we need some light in order to find our way. Although few of us are lucky to have spare light with them to use in hard times, many have to get this light themselves.

Inventing light for one’s own self is not a rocket science, the first step is to change your perspective about things and be positive to the situation. Once you have revamped your thoughts you will get some light to move further, but to pass through the entire rough patch, some needs more light than the others. 

Our problems regardless of how big it is has a solution. We have certain examples in front of us from where we can learn. We can consult others and ask for their help and in many cases, we can do it on our own. Deep inside, we know what are the solutions to our problems.

Not only this, there are a lot of books to help and guide us to develop a strategy on how to swim through the rough waves of our life. We are lucky as we can refer to the scholarly gifts left by so many great philosophers for our use. 

So whenever you are down, reflect on what others have been through and how did they go through with it. Learn from their experiences and keep that in mind, who knows one of these days those will come handy. There is no need to reinvent the bulb, it has been invented for you, and all you need to know is where to get it and how to use it.