So why is residual income so awesome? Well, residual income also known as passive income is all about doing the work once and then getting paid on it over and over again. Which is pretty cool. For instance if you owned a shoe store, you can participate in residual marketing by SEOing your store name on the Google search engines.

Passive income is interesting because usually it takes a lot more effort to actually build it up into something worth bragging about. As to say, paid traffic where you work hard calculating all your sales every day to the point you can go nuts with... passive sales just happen.

There is all sorts of ways to build up passive residual income. Which, I take back what I said earlier, residual income is not always the same as passive income.

For instance, if you sold life insurance policies, sure those policies are residuals alas the actual policy sale did not happen in a passive means. Forcing you to have to work for residual income over and over again is not my way to freedom.

However my way to freedom is to work extraordinarly hard so I can have the things most cannot. Such as a 2-hour work-week making $17,000 dollars a month. I am by no means there yet, but I have a friend who is and it is a fantastic inspiration.

After-all, if he did it, why can't I do it as well, right? And that's really the point of this.

Anyone can create passive income and everyone should do it. Because passive income is really what will allow you to enjoy your life underneath the way you desire and engineer it versus someone else. The cool thing is, it doesn't take that much to even live the lfiestyle of your dreams when you focus on creating passive residual income that you work to produce once and pays you over and over and over again!