Rising Gas prices may lead to new fuel discoveries

          I’m not usually the type to see a silver lining in storm clouds.  However I do see somewhat of a “bright side” to the increasing price of oil throughout the world.  Whether it results in cleaner air, cheaper food, or cheaper transportation the ever increasing price of energy will hopefully be the catalyst in which new sources of power are discovered and implemented.

          With the world population expected to double within the next 3 decades the demand for more food will be greater than ever.  The increasing demand will force more farm equipment, which is the greatest consumers of gas and the greatest producers of air pollution, into use.  In order to keep up with the demand for more food while keeping food production costs low it is imperative that alternate sources of energy for farm equipment be explored before the high costs of food causes more riots similar to ones we have witnessed in the Middle East.

          Our never-ending thirst for oil (and recently nuclear) energy have caused numerous ecological disasters in recent years, and unfortunately some disasters, such as severe water pollution from tankers and oil rigs, are happening at an alarming rate.  Mother Nature will only forgive us so many times before the world’s marine ecosystems stop healing themselves after our “mistakes”.

          I believe that competition among countries for oil will eventually become a major source of animosity between the global super powers.  Some our most hostile enemies are governments we rely on for oil; and the Indian and Chinese population increasing demand for energy will result in a severe decrease in oil resources.

          My biggest pet peeve is the oil companies.  Why our government continues to subsidize the oil companies while they claim record profits is beyond me, and they have the audacity to threaten the public with higher gas prices if the government takes away their subsidies. 

I believe that an increase in oil prices will cause a global demand for an alternative to oil, which will hopefully bring scientists together to discover a cheaper, cleaner fuel.  After all, necessity is the mother of invention and nothing else has caused enough of a concern to motivate a serious push to an alternative fuel.

  The increasing price of oil has affected every aspect of virtually every person on the planet.  Whether it is the price of food, the increasing price of gas for our cars, or (contested) global warming- this is a growing crisis that will continue to worsen until a major change in global doctrine regarding energy is initiated. It is time for the United States to find a way to get the oil companies out of our pockets and to stop funding hostile governments with oil purchases, even if that means gas prices to increase to the point where people demand change.