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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an Internet buzz word that essentially means tailoring your content to certain words and building links from other sites to yours (including infobarrel articles). It is a useful tool to businesses and some websites in making sure they hit the top positions in organic Internet searches.

This is not worth your time on infobarrel and other content sites. Why?

Essentially it comes down to this; your content must be relevant, informative and useful to the end user in order to stand the test of time. Simply typing around a list of pre-defined key words will not get you long-term relevance. It is important to remember that language changes, things go in and out of fashion and the value of a person’s time is hugely important to them. People are starting to, and will get better at, spotting your articles, blog posts and websites that are just click generating nonsense.

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For example, Google updates its algorithms, which it uses to determine page rank. This is to fix bugs, improve results for searchers and to try and eliminate the kind of bad SEO that occurs on many sites. As this continues, your carefully crafted articles will stop being highly ranked, and will drop off into obscurity.

The key to a long-standing, income-generating site is to provide value to people who visit it. The truth is, if you were the biggest site in your particular field, with the most relevant content, SEARCH TERMS WILL CHANGE TO INCORPORATE YOU. That’s right, being the number 1 site will transform the way people search.

Nobody will get successful long term creating content that is useless but perfectly optimised. People will begin to search AROUND your site. As the world gets more Internet literate, they will be able to search for results that find them the information they want, not just the site you wish them to visit.

The point of this article is to show you that by creating your own valuable, informative content, providing value of time for visitors and maintaining long term content relevance will ultimately not only bring you more integrity in your online presence, with repeat visits, but also should be more enjoyable for you, and allow you to write using whatever language you deem necessary to tell your story.

You only have to look at the front page at infobarrel to see that the featured authors are those who contribute the most value. Use this as an example. Research your articles, take time to craft them and make them into your calling card. You are only worth as much online as your brand; make sure it is a quality one.