After you have (hopefully) done your business plan and contracted an outstanding web design for your product or services, I'm sure you are elated about your new web presence. Congratulations! Sure, tell our friends and family! Get the word out. But, what else is there?

Well, even the most outstanding website will do no good without visitors. Yes, web traffic! The virtual equivalent of a mob of customers beating down your door to procure your product or services. Now, you can pay instantly for traffic via many venues such as Google Adwords. But, this form of Pay Per Click advertising can be not only time consuming, but very expensive. I have have seen many small business owners go broke trying this venue.

Instead of blowing your hard-earned cash on PPC or banners or other ads, the search engines are your friends! When you tune your site correctly, the search engines can send unlimited amounts of traffic to your website and it can progressively grow beyond your wildest expectations. Although, this isn't typical, it can and IS done every single day.

Once your "on-page" and "off-page" search engine optimization efforts are well developed, your traffic metrics (the measurement of visitors to each page of your website) will grow exponentially. Although, this isn't something you can do once and let go due to the number of websites that come and go, it is, indeed, something you can build on with an extraordinary return on investment. If you have the budget, outsource your search optimization to a SEO company with a solid and proven track record. If you are just beginning, take time to learn the basics of SEO and put them in play yourself. It's not all that difficult, really, but certainly takes time and dedication. But, I'm a firm believer than no one is more invested in my website's future than me.

Why Search Engine Traffic is the Traffic You Want?

Likely the most common reason search engine traffic is what you want is because it is already targeted. If someone types in certain words into a search engine, they already know what they are seeking. And, if the search terms you have targeted correctly are what they are looking for, they will likely land right on your website with money in hand, ready to spend. The is the very best source of potential customers! Think of it, no brick and motor building is required and no employees needed, unless you are counting yourself!

Search Engines are What People Use!

Google, Yahoo, Bing - the names are common, household terms these days. Gone are the days of the encylopedia for finding information. Top that with the rising crime rates, people are much more apt to shop online than ever before. Additionally, we have quicly become a fast-food society. We want it fast and we want it delivered. Even people at work use the search engines to shop online and find needed products, services or related information.

Is your new website listed with the Yellow Pages?

No, I am not referring to the old 4-inch thick book that mysteriously shows up on your doorstep once a year. I mean the new online Yellow Pages! Web visitors bookmark this site and it's great no only for businesses, but even local web traffic from customers physically located close to you. This is an example of "off-page" search optimization in that it's not some sort of code within the HTML pages of your website. It is a listing with another online entity that points to your website or physical locaton (hopefully, both.)

We All Know How to Google:

Even kids these days know they can go to Google's search engine and type in a term and receive a multitude of websites related to that term. Search engines are what we know and use daily. Studies show that 85% of online users use the search engines to locate information. Who dials 411 anymore??

This is a simple summary of a few reasons search engines are so important to your new website's success. Learning search optimization can be a daunting task at first, but dig in and believe in yourself and you can do it and save tons of money and thereby increase your profit margins too!