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Whether you live in or around El Paso, used cars are a common sight in both private and dealer lots. Maybe you’ll eventually want to trade in your own used car, or perhaps you’d be better off selling it outright and using the cash as a down payment on a newer vehicle. Either way, the condition of your car will dictate how valuable it is and how much credit or cash you can get for it!

Tips for the Exterior and Interior of Your Car

Used cars in El Paso are usually a little dirty and a little beat up - but if you take a little extra care you can maintain the outward appearance of your car and make it stand out when it comes time to sell or trade up.

Ÿ  Garage your car if at all possible. This prevents sun and hail damage to the exterior as well as sun damage to the interior.

Ÿ  Wash and wax regularly. Keeping a car clean and waxed can mean the difference between flaking clear coat and a well maintained paint job.

Ÿ  Wipe down the seats regularly, and treat them with a protectant if they are vinyl or leather. Vacuum fabric seats as well as carpeted areas. Keep the dashboard wiped down and protected as well.

Tips for Under the Hood 

Regular maintenance should be the mantra for used car owners. El Paso, TX residents can stay on top of their car’s needs by consulting the owner manual or asking a mechanic about recommended maintenance schedules.

Ÿ  Change fluids and filters. The oil and oil filter are the most obvious, but transmission flushes should also be done regularly and air filters, antifreeze and brake fluid should also be on the checklist - at least every time you do an oil change!

Ÿ  Cooling systems should be changed with the season - most climates can handle all weather with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water, but extreme temperatures could require a 70% coolant mix.

Ÿ  Check hoses and belts regularly for wear, holes or cracks. A little prevention goes a long way towards keeping your car healthy. Replacing a belt that is only a little worn is well worth avoiding the possibility of one breaking on the highway.

Other Maintenance Tips

All El Paso used car dealerships will tell you that one of the first things people look at on a used car is the tires. Keeping tires at the proper inflation pressure will reduce uneven wear and increase the looks and life of the tires. (This also increases your car’s fuel economy!) Tires should also be rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so.

Keep tags and other licenses up to date. A car with current inspection stickers and registration is more valuable and can be easier to sell! Also keep all maintenance records in a folder so you can show what work has been done to the vehicle over the years.

Drive easy. Don’t punch the gas and then brake hard in frustrating traffic. Stay calm, put on an audio book and ease your way from start to stop. Give your vehicle time to warm up in the winter so fluids have a chance to heat up, thin out and circulate. Your engine and transmission will thank you!

Taking care of your used car makes it that much more valuable in the long run. Private buyers like to find well maintained used cars. Alamogordo dealers will also give you more cash or trade on a used car that has been properly cared for.