You probably know shampoo and other hair care products are among the most frequent commercials. We’re practically inundated with conditioners, shampoos that apparently make our hair look like it’s from a picture book. Except they nearly always don’t - unless of course you had amazing hair to begin with.

Sure, most commercials exaggerate, but when it comes to hair care stuff, they are way over the top. I mean, anyone beyond the age of 12 has learned that no amount of hair care purchases will make a big difference for their hair. Otherwise explain to us why so many people are walking around with hair that’s anything but perfect. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

The harsh reality is that the beauty of our hair is about 90% up to our genes and the remaining 10% is more about how we handle it than what products we use. By handling I mean treating it delicately, not too much blow drying or other physical stress and this only really applies to people aspiring to grow long hair. For those with short hair, handling doesn’t really come into question because they cut it back so often that it doesn’t get much of a chance to be damaged. People who have the genes for healthy fast growing hair, can get away with almost any abuse they put it through while people without those magic genes can spend themselves silly with hair care products and they’ll still never get it to look as beautiful. But the whole point is that you already knew that. We all do. We all know that we all know it. Not so with the advertising agencies apparently.

They just don't get it

What amazes me is that the marketing agencies don’t seem to realize that we realize how little use hair care products are. I’m not saying they should not sell them. But at least make those stupid commercials more convincing. You know, a little more realistic suggestions about what their products might accomplish. Customers know that they won’t get beautiful hair just from using certain products, so telling them they will is only going to make them lose trust which is always a bad thing when running a business. Or would you be even remotely persuaded by a new shampoo commercial that told you that you could get perfectly gorgeous hair in three days with whatever they’re talking about?

Could be better

The truth is that hair care products do very little in caring for your hair and pretending otherwise might work for making a quick buck for a short while but in the long run you need a more solid means of marketing.

So what would work better in my opinion? Well, for one lets remember that good quality shampoos and conditioners do in fact make a difference. Yes it’s a small difference but it’s not negligible and most people would be more than willing to spend some money on securing that little bit of help. So why not focus on that? I know I’d be more convinced if a commercial presented a world that was slightly closer to the one I actually live in and I’m sure I’m not the only one.