If you have arrived on this Info Barrel article, you are possibly thinking to yourself "Why Should I begin Writing for InfoBarrel Today?". At the heart of the matter, this question is completely legitimate and is deserving of the best, most thorough and accurate, answer possible. With tons of Web 2.0 social media revenue sharing (and non-revenue sharing) content aggregation websites available for one to write on nowadays, it's no surprise for you to ask this question, or even try to find hope or rationalize your decision to write for InfoBarrel, especially when your earnings appear to be less than you had initially expected.

Among the many options available for you write for and submit content to online today, InfoBarrel is truly the best. When I say that it is the "best", that is not being said blindly with only isolated considerations. Instead, I have spent months conducting very in depth research regarding the functionality, management, ethics, and growth trends of this emerging Web 2.0 revenue sharing website platform. Unfortunately, even with the tremendous amount of research I have done, convincing others that it is truly in their best interest to write here has been really quite difficult for a variety of reasons:

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  • At the time of this writing, Info Barrel is currently a PR4 website. Without going into incredible detail, in this Info Barrel article, while others will debate the relative importance of a site's PR (pagerank), this value is essentially an indicator of how Google sees any given website in cyberspace, and how much value they place into it. Because of the far-reaching influence of Google, if a site is seen as valuable, it's articles will typically rank higher and writers will ultimately earn more.
  • Unfortunately, a website's pagerank is a relatively static number, that doesn't give a great indication at all of a website's growth. Other data and statistics are utilized and analyzed in order to come to a better, more reliable conclusion regarding growth and future potential for individual writers to earn significantly. In this case, a website could be a PR4 site (like Info Barrel), and be deteriorating, or, the inverse could be true, as well: that the website is growing exponentially in terms of membership, traffic rank, page views, and all other positive indicators of a healthy and flourishing site.
  • When people look strictly at a website's pagerank, it could be easy to see why people would be hesitant, at best, to write for such a young site like Info Barrel. Within this article, however, I encourage you to think holistically with regards to a variety of factors, that I will present, which will give a very firm foundational basis for my belief that Info Barrel is currently fast-emerging as the best website to write for and submit content to online. In this case, those who shy away from writing for Info Barrel, soley because of their pagerank, are making a tremendous mistake that will be validated in the future, when the earliest writers and adopters of this platform have solidified themselves with massive databases of articles, and even greater earnings.
  • Accompanying a high pagerank has typically come the ability for one's owns articles to be indexed rather quickly by Google. Not only do articles submitted to, say, HubPages or Squidoo or Suite 101, get indexed very quickly, but they also tend to rank extremely high because of the natural pre-established search engine authority (of the sites) that has been developed by the collective hard work and contributions of their community and userbase. Early entry into this industry, while posing it's own inherent problems and challenges, also afforded many of these particular websites the opportunity to establish themselves quite well. With being so "late to the game", even with an innovate business model and superior functionality and offerings, Info Barrel has been inherently propelled into the position of having to play "catch-up". With all things being equal, had Info Barrel's platform been launched at exactly the same time as it's current competition, there isn't a doubt in my mind that it's offerings, functionality, and great responsiveness of management and emphasis on community, would cause it to be much higher ranked than even the most elite/highest ranking websites in this industry.
  • Based on aesthetics alone, some have mentioned that the Info Barrel interface could use an upgrade, as well as it's organizational structure for categories. While these are issues that, at the time of this writing, are currently being addressed, the actual 'look' of a website isn't exactly directed to it's success. A website could have the ugliest interface, that looks like it was designed by a 5th grader, and still be successful online. Among one of the most popular websites online, called "Craigslist", certainly 'looks' like it could use a complete makeover, however, it has proven to be quite effective at fostering user interaction with the site, and monetizing it. Those who choose this argument, in opposition to Info Barrel, will miss a tremendous opportunity.
With these points mentioned, regarding why exactly people are hesitant or reluctant to contribute content to Info Barrel, I would now like to mention why it will truly be in your best interest to begin submitting content here today. While all of these reasons will have a direct impact on your individual earnings and earnings potential, I encourage you to think in terms of the broader industry while considering these points.
  • Unfortunately, many websites that are similar to Info Barrel, operate under a looming veil of secrecy when it comes to so many elements of their site operations. Without naming any particular site in this Info Barrel article, it is important to realize that one of the most pressing issues of concern and consideration for many is the ongoing trend towards greater transparency. In an era plaqued by the behind the scenes dealings of characters like Bernie Madoff, this desire for transparency isn't only desired, but it is becoming clearly demanded, by those who have lost trust in various systems. With regards to Web 2.0 social media revenue sharing content aggregation website properties, it is truly a breathe of fresh air what Info Barrel brings to this industry. Unlike many other websites, Info Barrel, at the time of this writing is completely transparent with especially the revenue share arrangement aspect of how it operates. Rather than give it's writers vague TOS (Terms of Service) and editorial guidelines, that require nothing short of a great deal of clarification, many InfoBarrel writers truly appreciated that this transparency is being adhered and handled in the way that it has been.
  • While many similar websites are inherently self-limiting in the types of formats that a writer can publish in, Info Barrel puts very little constraints on a writers ability to exercise their own writing skills and creativity. Where other sites adhere strictly to a "How-to" format, the various formats available to writers, on Info Barrel, really has a deeper role in helping to combat writer's block as well. When one gets tired of writing in one particular format, they can easily switch to another. On other sites, it was quite common to simply get 'bored' and leave. On InfoBarrel, this multiple format publishing arrangement WILL keep writers on the site longer, contribute to a lower bounce rate, and that will be directly related to greater favor and search engine authority in Google. Various opinions do originate regarding what Google actually perceives as being 'valuable', and great debate can be had to no end. In this case, current growth trends of Info Barrel indicate that it is definitely doing something right.
  • Not only is Info Barrel transparent in their revenue share arrangement, but, when growth and search engine authority is considered, it is, in fact, the most superior and generous arrangement at the time of this writing. I would highly caution anyone, who is considering writing for a similar website, not just to consider a website's revenue share % allocation. Where some websites DO offer a writer up to 100% revenue share, which is greater than Info Barrel's up to 90%, unfortunately, they have certain distinct marketing and branding issues that cause their site not to be trafficked nearly as much as Info Barrel's website. In fact, 100% revenue share essentially means nothing if a website can't offer writers a pre-established search engine authority for their articles to actually be seen by online searchers.
  • As InfoBarrel continues to grow exponentially, it will eventually qualify for a Premium Google Adsense account. Not only does this mean that they will be able to host more blocks of advertisements on each individual writer's articles, but they will also be able to directly negotiate revenue share with Google. Among many other benefits of having a Premium Google Adsense account, this ultimately means that, when this account is achieved, writer's earning's potential (with an up to 90% revenue share) will increase drastically.
  • Influential bloggers, such as Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog (smartpassiveincome.com), have become greatly attuned to these trends in growth, and the potential for the utilization of a website/tool, like Info Barrel, to be used greatly to monetize via Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon, as well as, to drive traffic to your own website and reinforce your own personal brand and online presence. In 2010, after months of talking, and sharing research, Pat Flynn decided to write a hallmark blog post entitled "The Next Best Revenue Sharing Site to Write for is...." which documented both our cutting edge research regarding this emerging platform and opportunity. Upon his recommendation, what ensued was hundreds of new members flooding Info Barrel in little under a week. While Pat was one of the first bloggers to speak about Info Barrel in such depth, I guarantee that he won't be the last.
  • With a domain age of 9 years, few are aware of the importance and significance that this fact alone has in Info Barrel's ranking. While just one indicator and SEO variable, Google does factor in domain age when judging the value of a site. Because Info Barrel may be 'new' to someone, or if any site is just beginning to construct themselves, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have a young domain age. One could have secured a domain (as Info Barrel did) years in advance, only to begin building their site years later. Info Barrel's domain is among one of the highest, and is actually older than some of the most elite websites in this industry. Those who are perplex strictly by Info Barrel's "pagerank" are missing quite a few tremendous factors when judging the overall earning's potential for both the website and the writers.
  • Info Barrel's website platform has potentially one of the most effective editorial submission quality control procedures. While other platforms have been known to allow publication of everything from SPAM to porn, only to have to back peddle years into their growth and development (typically after loosing favor with Google), Info Barrel does have a quality control process that is absolutely necessary, especially given the current online climate heading towards greater transparent and quality. While some may find Info Barrel's editorial submission process to be a bit tedious (especially those who hope to have articles published immediately) it does serve a greater purpose in safeguarding the overall quality of the site and its massive growing database of articles. Even still, their editorial process really isn't THAT bad; after a writer's initial 10 articles are approved, they will achieve pre-approval status and be able to have their articles published immediately.
  • Clearly converging on the business models of other websites, InfoBarrel does not charge for specific features: inherently leading to a class-like breakdown of "the haves" and "the have nots". The same standards are applied to all writers, and no payments need to be made (look up Ezine Articles or Instructables) in order to achieve greater functionality or more quick approval time of articles.
  • As you can see, I did write a highly successful 6-book course about Info Barrel. In complete transparency, we wrote this course in direct relation to the massive amounts of research we had conducted. Little did we know, after releasing it, that this course would be purchased by so many people, from so many walks of life, from college students to marketing directors at major advertising and SEO firms. This demand for our course, while we tried to anticipate it as best as we could, is very revealing of the direction that this website is headed, as well as, the broader Web 2.0 revenue sharing industry.
In all my writing, I definitely do not mean to convey that InfoBarrel is 100% flawless. On the contrary, they do have some issues that do need to work out, however, their management and staff are extremely responsive, and it is clear that quality customer service is a paramount hallmark of this compnay/website's operation. Compared to the research I have conducted regarding every phase of the growth of similar websites, Info Barrel is approaching growth in the best manner possible: by identifying flaws and deficiencies early, and changing and adapting while remaining responsive to user concerns and feedback. The truest indicator, in my opinion, that Info Barrel will become a top worldwide website property is the fact that they have initiated true restraint when it comes to their own growth and development. While they could easily funnel thousands upon thousands of dollars into a Google Adwords campaign, in order to grow their website quickly, they have not exercised greed, but, instead, a very knowledgeable, experienced, sound and mature approach to growth.

While some writers would love to see Info Barrel become a high PR/high membership/high trafficked website, seemingly overnight, the truth is that Info Barrel management clearly understands that this approach is counterproductive and ultimately detrimental to both the site as well as the individual writers. Allowing for completely natural growth, while remaining responsive to the needs and concerns of the community they are fostering, is the best way to diverge from what other website platforms have clearly done wrong: this approach will serve to continually motivate the Info Barrel community to produce high quality articles and content, talk about Info Barrel, and spread word and reinforce their brand until it becomes among one of the most recognizable worldwide.

Info Barrel clearly has many sites in it's sniper's crosshairs, and, those who begin writing for Info Barrel NOW, will stand to earn greatly in both the longterm and shorterm.

What do you think of this article? How has your experience with Info Barrel been like? Although this is a very long article, is there anything that I missed, that you would like to make known to future readers of this article? I highly encourage you to leave a comment below. Thank you!