Should I Buy a Kindle Fire?

Here is a big question you are likely pondering right now: "Should I buy a Kindle Fire?" It is really a good question, and even better that you have decided to research this product before making a decision with regards to purchasing one. The Kindle Fire has gained a lot of momentum and publicity of late, with it's recent release in time for the holiday season of 2011. The Kindle Fire is Amazon's tablet computer version of the e-book reader Kindle (it's predecessor). As such, when deciding whether or not you want to buy a Kindle Fire; you should first be aware that this is a legitimate computer and is not meant to be used solely for reading e-books (though, of course, you can do that!).

Before jumping into reasons why you should buy a Kindle Fire, let me give you some of it's specifications. This new Kindle has a full color 7" multi-touch display, incorporates Wi-Fi for internet browsing and purchasing new books and music through the built in store, and has 8 gigabytes of storage space. In essence, the Kindle Fire is being advertised as a major competitor with Apple's iPad line of personal tablet computers. On the surface, it is easy to make this comparison as they both are similar in appearance (they are black and very sleek looking, and have similar basic functionality such as the touch screen). With that said, there are many differences between the Kindle Fire and the iPad 2 which should be considered. Here is where the question "Should I buy a Kindle Fire" can become answered very easily.

1. Kindle Fire is Simple to Use

Often, new technology can be very difficult to manipulate. You may have experienced many problems if you recently purchased your first computer. I am positive computers themselves have a tendency to cause many headaches with those who are unexperienced. For example, I tried teaching my grandmother how to use one, and while she picked up on many things about it; she still has a lot of trouble using it. When I picked up the Kindle Fire, it was miraculously simple to navigate. It honestly doesn't even feel like a computer, but rather a sort of modern day book. One of the main features of the Amazon Kindle line of products is that it is meant to be used as an e-reader, and I have found that reading books on the Kindle has become a very natural process more similar to reading a regular paperback book then one would expect. As previously stated, the navigation on the Kindle Fire is excellent, to the extent that I could navigate the product almost immediately after turning it on. Not many pieces of new technology have functionality like this.

2. The Amazon App Market Provides Great Content for the New Kindle

A major comparison between the Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad 2 will undoubtedly be the functionality with regards to video games, television, movies, and other miscelleneous applications. While Amazon's new Kindle does not exactly provide more content for smart tablet users, it provides much of the same content with what is almost exactly the same sort of functionality. You can watch movies and television on the Kindle Fire in the same way that you would watch them on an iPad (or even on your television). You can play games and surf the internet in a similar manner as well.

If this is the case, though, why should I purchase the Kindle Fire as opposed to an Apple iPad? This leads me to a very major point that needs to be discussed when considering whether or not I should buy a Kindle Fire: price.

3. Kindle Fire is the Least Expensive Tablet Computer on the Market

It is important to acknowledge that price is not everything when it comes to making purchases. However, in this context, I find the new Amazon Kindle Fire to be an excellent choice because of it's low price of $199 dollars. This is in comparison to Apples iPad 2, which currently runs between $550 dollars and even $700 dollars. The price difference is astounding, and when you compare the actual specifications and useability of each product; they are so similar that this price difference seems far to wide.

The point that the Kindle Fire only runs at $199 dollars is one that motivated me to research this product and ask myself, "Do I really want to buy this product?" At this price, it seems very worth it to me to get some up to date technology and ultimately treat myself to something nice. And honestly, I ended up making this purchase; which has led me to expounding on it's details in this article regarding buying a Kindle Fire.

4. Free Cloud Storage Makes the Storage Space Virtually Unlimited on the Kindle Fire

Remember how I mentioned that the Kindle Fire has a harddrive that can hold up to 8 gigabytes of files? While that is an accurate statement, it is more accurate to perceive Amazon's new Kindle as being a product that is not bound by disk space. Amazon's Cloud Service is one that has grown in popularity substantially, and I believe cloud computing is the new way of the future. I imagine a future world where we do not have to lug around large computers, primarily consisting of hard drives. It is because of this lack of physical hardware that the price is able to go down on new technology which incorporates cloud storage.

5. You can Store Music on the Kindle Fire

A major reason for wanting to buy a Kindle Fire for myself was the ability to store music, games, books, and movies in a single location that I can go to when I am travelling or not feeling like getting out of bed to get the remote for my television (being honest here!). As a musician, I am consistently seeking out new music to listen to; and as a result I have many gigabytes of music files on my computer which has resulted in uploading the many physical music albums I have purchased over the years onto my computer. The Kindle Fire can store all of this music, and even offers the Amazon MP3 Music Store which allows you to purchase and sample new music while you are on the go. While this, of course, is not a revolutionary feature; it is an important one and furthers the comparison between the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire.

6. Many Free Applications, Books, Music, and More Provide

One thing not many people will consider when they are deciding whether or not they should buy a Kindle Fire is the fact that they receive much content for free that more then makes up for the price. Consider the hundreds of free e-books that one receives through the Kindle. Additionally, Kindle Fire provides a service that allows Amazon Prime members to "borrow" books from the virtual library at no charge to them; with books ranging from classic literature to more recent New York Time's best sellers. Of course, aside from books, the range of free applications for internet browsing, gaming, and other amusing things are astounding.



The Kindle Fire by Amazon may not be a perfect tablet reader, as it has had it's share of issues (most of them rather minor). The important thing to consider is just how much functionality is provided to the user, and more importantly the price comparison between the new Kindle and the Apple iPad 2. On price grounds alone, the Kindle Fire is definitely worth at least checking out for yourself. It is currently a hot topic on technology blogs, so finding information is undoubtedly a very easy thing to do. Hopefully answering the question "Should I Buy a Kindle Fire?" for yourself will be a very easy thing to do, and if you decide to buy one I hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

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