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Tablet computers are the latest and greatest craze to come out of Silicone Valley.  Why have these little machines become so popular and why would you consider one for your home?  Here are a few reasons…

Easy to Use

Tablets use touch-technology to open and close applications, navigate pages, and even type.  This makes it so easy to use, even your grandmother could use it!  Yes, your Gma could be tweeting in minutes!


Tablets can be easily changed to suit your needs.  If you're a businessman who travels a lot, you'll want to have your email, calendar, news, stock info, and internet all on one machine.  If you're a music geek, the tablet can be your personal media station.  Techno-geeks can use their tablets to tweet, update their blogs, and keep in contact with their online friends.
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There are tablets of all sizes – 7" up to 10" – to fit your needs and uses.  With their slim profile, even the larger tablets can be slid into a messenger bag, purse, or briefcase with ease.

Long Battery Life

Tablets are made to be unplugged and mobile for a long period of time.  Most tablets can last a full day or even longer without a recharge.  In comparison, laptops last only 2.5 to 4 hours…which can leave you in the lurch at the worst moment.  With a tablet you won't find yourself crawling around on the floor of your local coffee shop, searching for a plug – you'll have all the power you need!
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Thanks to their small profile and long-lasting batteries, tablets can go anywhere and do anything.  It can go from your couch to the sidelines of the local soccer field, from the local coffee shop to your car with minimal hassle.  Just turn it off and slip it into your bag.  Your tablet is always ready for you to use.

Tablets are also great for people who travel a lot for their job.  The large screen is great for maps, dictionaries, itineraries, and location information.  Did you get lost looking for the city zoo?  Just whip out your tablet and you'll be heading in the right direction in seconds.


Increase Productivity

Imagine that you're heading out the door and your boss asks you to go to a meeting at the last moment.  Instead of grabbing for your old ratty paper calendar to see if you're free, call three phone numbers, trying to update your husband about your schedule, and then making notes on a slip of paper about things you talked about, you can turn to your tablet to do it all - check your Google calendar for availability, email your spouse, and take notes about the meeting.  Everything you need is in one place!

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Always Have Entertainment On Hand

With their big screen and access to online music depositories and video-on-demand sites like Netflix and Amazon, tablets are excellent entertainment devices.  You can watch the latest blockbuster movie or listen to the latest CD's from your favorite artist while riding the subway to and from work.  Tablets are also great to keep the kids entertained when you're on a long car ride or stuck waiting at the doctor's office.