Resons I Should Donate My Car To Charity

The decision to donate your car to charity is not an easy one, especially since you can make money for yourself selling the car to junk car buyer (if the car isn't working) or just selling the car for a profit to someone else.  Here's the thing, whenever you donate your car to a worthy charity, you are helping many people through the charity that you decide to donate to.  Whether you donate your car to a children's charity, for the veterans, for breast cancer or for the hungry, the feeling of helping so many other people is far better than any monetary value you would get by selling your car or junking your car.

Who Can Benefit From My Auto Donation

There are two beneficiaries from your auto donation:

1) The Charity: The charity benefits from your generous donation by either selling the car to someone in need at a greatly discounted price or they themselves can take the car to a junk dealer and sell the car for scraps or parts and make money for their specific charities. What the charity decides to do with the car once you give it away to them, depends on the condition of the car itself.  So don't worry if your car isn't in the best shape or even running, the charity can still benefit from it.

2) Yourself:  You benefit from donating your auto to charity first by knowing that you have helped other in desperate need of financial assistance, to buy food, or put a roof over their heads.  Christmas isn't the only time of year that we should be charitable because people need our help all year round. 

You also may benefit from a car donation from a tax write-off. You can get up to $500 tax deduction for donating your car to charity. Your deduction can be more that that provided you have the needed documents to prove it, which you should have if you donate your car to a reputable charity. You can read more about car donation tax writeoffs: Press Here.

How Should I Go About Donating My AutoTo Charity?

If you have a charity in mind, then go to that charity and tell them that you would like to donate your car to them.  If you don't have a charity in mind, then you can find a good charity by going to your public library and getting a list of bonifide charities.  You will want to make sure the charity is a legitimate charity because you want to know where your donation is going first, and second, you can't deduct it from your taxes if it is not a legitimate charity. Usually, the charities will have a form for you to fill out, either online or in person. 

You can also go to the IRS charity website and check to see whether the charity is legitimate or not before donating to them.  This is also a very effective and proper way to check to see if a charity is legitimate.




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