The first version of the motorcycle, or motorbike, was developed back in 1885 in Germany. Since then the motorcycles have changed in design and performance. While some people feel that a motorcycle is dangerous, they have obviously never ridden on one. Taking a nice ride on a bike can really relax you and let you enjoy the moment. Even though there are no doors or seatbelts, a motorcycle can be just as safe or dangerous as your standard car. As long as people keep an eye of people on bikes, no problems should ever occur.

There was a brief time in history where the motorcycle was the epitome of the bad boy image. There were biker gangs and clubs and they were always decked out in leather everywhere. Today anyone can own a motorcycle, even your grandmother! There are even different forms of bikes to choose from so you get the one that fits all of your needs. Although dirt bikes, crotch rockets and scooters are not exactly motorbikes, they were all derived from the basic idea of the motorcycle. Some different types of the motorcycle are the sport, cruiser, standard, and dirt or dual sport. The sport has the rider sitting forward, the standard sits upright or slight forward, the cruiser sits back and the dirt type sits the rider high and in the middle of the seat.

Opting for a motorcycle could even save you a substantial amount of gas as well. Bikes are perfect for most areas of the world, but if you experience rain or snow often you may want to have some type of car or truck as a spare vehicle. Some of the most popular brands of motorcycle produce many recreational type vehicles to use. Honda, Yamaha, Victory, Suzuki and Harley Davidson are some of the biggest names in the motorcycle and bike making industry.

Some other forms of recreation vehicles that there companies produce are ATVs, scooters or vespas, snow mobile, and of course, actually cars, trucks and SUVs. Always do a thorough job of shopping around when searching for your new motorcycle, truck, car, ATV or vespa because you want to get the best deal. Motorbikes can be much cheaper than a car on top of its gas mileage advantage. Before you think about buying your new bike though, remember that you must obtain and posses a motorcycle license to ride and operate one.