Many people are now joining sporting events such as marathons and running for different causes and this calls for the use of waterproof sports clothing, especially as you are not sure of the weather conditions.  As you spend most of your time outdoors, you never know when humidity or rain will hit, so it is better to be prepared and geared up with this type of clothing, especially when joining an outdoor sporting event.

Before, many people will resort to wearing rubber jackets or coats on top of their sporting clothes when venturing out during drizzles or rainy weather.  These are not really recommended to be worn on top of their sportswear as it is heavy and does not promote proper air ventilation.  This will cause you to sweat a lot and lose liquids and tire you out easily.  Now, waterproof sports clothing allows you to stay dry and comfortable while outdoors by blocking the water but still promote the air to circulate properly.  You will be able to maximize your time outside jogging or running, or enjoying your favorite outdoor sport.

Most of the modern fabrics that are used in waterproof sports clothing promotes air flow and has wind breaking properties as well so you will not get wind burnt while outside.  The holes in the fabric are too small for water to enter and penetrate to soak you, but are big enough to allow air to cool you down.  There are lots of other fabrics that claim that they are waterproof as they can repel moisture, but these do not work as well in large amounts of water like when it is raining.  The fabric begins to absorb water when there is too much already, thus making it non-waterproof.

The new fabrics that are being used nowadays can sustain a larger amount of water without being soaked.  The water simply rolls off from the fabric and is not absorbed thus helping you become more comfortable and dry while outside.  Check out the fabric’s ranking for waterproofing to be sure of the clothes that you are going to wear during your sporting event and if it will provide you with the right amount of protection from water and humidity.  It is best to be ready with the right clothes as you never know when the weather is going to change when you are outside.  Waterproof sports clothing is a must when venturing out for a run or participating in outdoor sports to ensure maximum comfort.