Why Should I leave a comment on your article?

The popularity of some articles written on the internet can be determined by how many people reference these articles. It can also be determined by how many people bother to comment on that article. Most writers will be overjoyed to get about 10 to 20 comments on every article they write. Those who have been writing on the internet for a while know that it is not that easy. Your writing must be compelling for anyone to bother to make a comment. Furthermore, I am not talking about comments like, nice articles; interesting articles, etc. I am talking about people writing comments to expand on what you have written. Comments that show that your readers either disagree with you or that they are totally in love with what you have written. You will want people to get emotional, get angry or feel something. You have to engage your readers. Now how do you go about getting that?

How many times have you read an article on the internet and thought "vacuous". It doesn't mean that the articles was bad, it just never added perspective to a common subject. There have been times when you read an article and you are left fuming. You are so upset that you have to tell the writer how you feel. The articles got under your skin that you feel the need to correct or chastise the writer. The article has not left you indifferent. There are other articles that just make you sad and morose. You feel the sadness of the writer or the character, that makes you want to share your gratitude or disgust. It doesn't matter what you feel. The issue is that when people feel something through your article, it is a good thing. Of course you don't always set out to offend people. If they get upset, so be it. At times as a writer, you don't have to strive to please everyone. You cannot make everyone happy but you should strive to get a reaction. The more people read your article and connect with you, the better. Before people can connect with you, they need to know that your article is out there.

People must know that you have written an article. That translates to getting traffic to your article. Visibility is the key and how you go about that is another topic. Some writers have suggested that you solve a problem and the comments will come. This might be true but that is not always the case. It is difficult to figure out why someone will leave a comment on a boring article and an excellent article will not even get one of those generic comments. You need to ask yourself, why do I sometimes comment on some articles? If you start to think the way the majority of people who surf the internet think, you will begin to adapt your articles accordingly.

Controversy: If you want people to react, you can create controversy. This gets a lot of readers upset or happy or even crazy. There will be those who will defend you for saying what they lack the courage to say. Others will insult you for being insensitive and an idiot. Some will try to be more analytic and philosophical about it. It doesn't matter, you will still get comments. The fact is, everyone has an opinion about almost everything. If you don't trigger their inner instinct to react, then you will get nothing. If you have paid enough attention to popular blogs or news websites, you will notice that those who get the most comments are those articles laced with controversy in mind.

Candid Life Experience: Sexual Assault, Painful Child Birth, Amputation, Infidelity, War, Incest, Lust, Gayness, Religion, etc. If you have been through any type of tragedy in your life and you are able to write candidly about it, you will get comments. People are moved by something they can relate to. They feel for you and hope they will never have to go through what you went through. Others will comment because they went through the same thing and are glad to know they are not alone. They might even succinctly share their experience for the first time through their comments. Not everyone is able to write and reveal what they've gone through. If that is your case, you don't have to worry, you could still write fictional candid stories. There is just something about human tragedy that attracts readers and reactions. If you are able to get people to feel the pain, the hopelessness, the anguish, the joy and hope, then the comments will come rolling in.

Money: How I made 500 dollars per week writing about rice and beans in a niche market in South America. That is a terrible example but it does serve a purpose. Other writers will click and comment because they are in the same situation as you. They want you to reveal the secrets to your success. They have tried other means and it is not working for them. They want to understand why you have been successful. Other writers might just comment out of jealousy because they have not being able to reach the same level of achievement. Money rules when it comes to writing and everyone wants to know how to make it. I have never seen an article about making money on sites like Infobarrel or Hubpages with zero views. When it comes to money, people will take a peek.

Technology: If you write about a solution to get the new iPad to work with Microsoft Windows. How you were able to connect your new touch screen phone to your television and you write a great "how to" article about it. Other gadgets crazed fans like you will be grateful and comment on your article. Some might even go on to improve on what you did and post back just to impress you. You will be impressed and they will be happy to have contributed to your site. Does it make sense, no quite, but that is the reality of human nature