I know a lot of people are probably a little bit too critical of themselves as it's a problem I see far too often these days. I can honestly say that our present-day society really does set us up for that frame-of-mind, unfortunately. There was a lot of negative and authority-based psychology in the past that was used to explain behaviors and emotions.

Unfortunately, this "less favorable" psychology has still left a bad taste on most peoples mouthes. Thank goodness for the next wave of mind-science geniuses out there. The new science of positive psychology is showing absolutely wonderful things.

One of the aspects of this 'new' psychology is you that really shouldn't just focus on your weaknesses. There are three main reasons why that I'll cover below.

It Blinds You To Your Good Qualities

If you're always focusing on the ground, when do you ever have time to look up at the clouds? When do you ever have time to cloud-gaze and imagine seeing the fire-breathing dragon, the popcorn bucket, the saxophone, or the sandcastle made out of clouds?

You have to look ahead in your personal development journey or you might run into a wall. You can't just keep focusing on the negatives in your life. There is something called the positive-to-negative ratio (PNR), that has stemed from positive pschology.

Th PNR theory states that for every one negative thing you think, say, or do, you have to have approximately 5 other positive things to counteract just that one negative thing. For example, if you complain five times the first thing in the morning, then you're already twenty-five positive things in the hole for the rest of the day.

This is a mind-opening way to start thinking about things in your life. The PNR theory really could help you to see just how important your words and actions are in achieving betters outcomes all around.

As a point of clarification, I'm not talking just being 'critical' when I am talking about being negative. Being critical is a different thing entirely. Being critical is an important factor that can be used appropriately. When I'm talking about being negative, I'm talking about just being dark about it all. There's a difference.

Your Time Is Better Spent On Your Strengths

If 80% of your output for the day is based on your ability to do analytical tasks but you seem to spend a majority of your day doing non-analytical tasks like cold-calling new prospective customers, then you're shooting yourself in the foot. You really are wasting your time on trying that cold-calling work unless that's your future path.

This line of thinking doesn't say that focusing just on the logical and the technological part of what you're doing is a wasted effort. What it is saying is that if you focus on analytical aspect and get much stronger in analytical thinking, you'll achieve new heights above any beyond any other growth methods you are trying.

If you then start pursuing things in that analytical-skills growth path, then that's going to be so much more effective in making your output for your future better than if you put another 8 hours into something that doesn't have much relevance in your life. Don't cold-call if you're not going to be a direct-sales mastermind. Now if you're pursuing a job in sales, then, hey, you're switching things up.

The point is, if you have to refocus everything you do on strengths to get 200%, 300%, and even 400% increases out of what you're doing, then do it. This is so much better than trying really, really hard to do something you're not good at and only squeezing a 2%, 5%, or 10% increase out it. Do your strengths and get more. Do your weaknesses and get poor. Got it?

It's Doggone Depressing

Think about this a bit, will you? Do you want to sit there and look in the mirror saying, "oh my goodness, I'm not good at this. Oh my goodness, look at this weakness I need to fix. Oh my goodness look at this bad thing I have no proficiency in and need to improve." Yuck!

Here we go again with the positive-negativity ratio theory. If you keep doing negative upon negative upon, then you'll have no interest in anything positive. One of the main purposes in life is to keep your options open for the positive and happy accidents. It's hard to start seeing the world in light of what is possible when you're always focused on the impossible.

If you're focusing on what you can't do, you have no idea of what you can do. If you're not doing what you can do, then you won't get the most out of the day. It's just the way it is.

Boost Your Output Already!

If you really want to boost your life growth journey, stop focusing on just your weaknesses and start focusing more on your strengths. You don't want to blind yourself to your good qualities, your time is better spent on your strengths, and it's doggone depressing just being negative about it all the time.

Know that as long as you're focusing on your strengths and forgetting your weaknesses, you can grow, too. Find your strengths today and start being more awesome.