Veteran Benefits


According to Steve Vogel of the Washington Post, there were respondents in a survey of social workers, nurses, and doctors working for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Unfortunately, according to this survey “more than 37 percent of 272 respondents cannot schedule appointments in their clinics for a new patient within the 14-day standard mandate by the department.”   What is wrong with this picture?  Do they need to hire more workers to make the process quicker?   Do they need to check the ways for  processing?  Is there the problem of not enough qualified workers for the process?   What is the problem?  

According to Steve Vogel, it is not only the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, but Vietnam War Veterans have filed claims.  In addition, they are still compensating for Agent Orange related illnesses from the Vietnam Veterans also.   Illnesses from Agent Orange range from Hodgkin’s disease,  Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, and Respiratory Cancers according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  These are only a few of the Agent Orange related illnesses.  Any Veterans interested in applying for disability should contact United States Department of Veterans Affair or call 1-800-827-1000.

What is Agent Orange?  According to,  Agent Orange is the code name given to one of the herbicides that the military sprayed on the Viet Nam food crop between 1962 and 1971.  Unfortunately our military soldiers that were fighting in Viet Nam are victims of  this deadly spray.  This has an  extremely toxic dioxin compound.

Agent Orange crop dustingCredit: United States Agricultural Library, in Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Agent Orange Crop Dusting

Has there been consideration given to how many veterans that have died while waiting for their claims to process?   What type of impact does this have on their families?  How did this backlog occur?   Was there an under anticipation of the amount of claims that might be received?  Did they take a close enough look at the big picture here? 

It is unthinkable that Veterans that fought in battle for our liberties are still waiting for disability.   It definitely is not fair nor is it right or acceptable. 

Senator Patty Murray, Democrat for Washington, talked about a 9-month process claim from a terminally ill veteran.  He died three days before the case ended.  This is just unacceptable.  Now is a good time to correct this.  

It is great that many of the stores recognize Veterans by giving 10% discounts.  Such stores as Home Depot and Lowe’s Hardware stores are just a few of the stores.  That is not enough for our veterans.   We have many veterans that are not only disabled, but are homeless also.   Could we be doing more throughout the  year?   They are in dire need of our help.  What are your thoughts on this?[2737][2738][2739]