Here are 10 Great Reasons to Visit Our Elderly:

Three Generation Harmonica Trio
Credit: Hollster

Our Three-Generation Harmonica Trio

Why Should We Visit the Elderly? Here are 10 Great Reasons!

Today was a day of much reflection. Several weeks ago, it was decided that my sweet 90-years-young grandmother could no longer properly care for herself. She was consequently placed in an assisted living facility. Of course, like most 90-year-olds, she has some health issues, but no blatant catastrophic event that would warrant jettisoning her into an assisted living facility.A view from the California Ortega HighwayCredit: Hollster

My grandparents had been married for around 60 years before my grandfather passed away in 2011. Though my grandmother was sad to lose her best friend, she seemed at peace with it and seemed to enjoy a little time alone. My aunt and uncle live very close to my grandma and would take her out on the town frequently and made sure her needs were met. However, after a few years, she began to withdraw socially; she no longer took her regular walks and she didn’t want to leave her home anymore. Before long, she stopped getting dressed for the day, would no longer eat, and didn’t enjoy having visitors as much anymore…she just wanted to lay in bed all day.

Bedroom SlippersCredit: HollsterMy grandmother had asked the family to come today to pick out the items we wanted out of her home and we were to sell the rest of the items that we didn’t want. Even though death is inevitable for us all, especially when we’re quickly approaching an entire century of being alive, it just made us all feel awful to pick over someone’s stuff while they are still alive. Grandma was already moved into her facility and wanted absolutely nothing from home…nothing! How could she be so resigned to die…just like that?! All she wants is her house dress, a sweater, and her favorite house slippers.

After picking out the items that brought us the fondest memories of my grandparents, we paid Grandma a visit at her new place. When we walked in, she was snoozing peacefully in front of an Astros and Angels game on TV in the main living room. The assisted living house was beautiful; it was a home that was renovated to accommodate an assisted living lifestyle while making everyone feel like they were still in their own homes. We woke her up and visited for awhile. Then my mom cut her long white hair (she had asked for a haircut); the result was stunningly stylish and Grandma's spirits were lifted!

A Glimpse at My Future Self

As our visit wrapped up, we noticed that she couldn’t stop smiling and thanking us for visiting…she was more grateful than usual. We hadn’t seen her look this happy in years! It dawned on me that maybe she was just very depressed…maybe she needed a change of scene and just a loving touch. The gentle combing and cutting of her hair told her that she was loved; I could see it in her glowing, smiling face.

self memeCredit: HollsterAfter today’s visit, I started wondering what it must be like to be inside her 90-year-old body and mind, knowing that your ultimate fate is right around the corner. It must be so scary and lonely to face the impending unknown. She’s just an older version of my own self. I’ll be in her shoes someday, and I know that someday will come sooner than I think. Nearly all of her peers had passed away already and all of the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are busy with their own lives. As I researched anything having to do with our elderly, I was shocked to find so little information on the Internet about our aging community! 

Why Don't We Visit Our Elderly?

Just a simple visit and a touch of the hand brought her light-up-a-room smile back.  We all have plenty of valid reasons why we don’t visit our elderly:

·         We’re too busy and exhausted leading our own lives.

·         Our elderly loved ones live too far away.

·         We feel like we don’t even spend enough time with our own children or significant other, let alone, our elderly.

·         There are more immediate and pressing needs: car repairs, home repairs, or other commitments

·        Visiting our elders reminds us of our ultimate fate

10 Great Reasons to Visit our Elderly

Even if you don’t have any elderly family members, I guarantee that even if you spend just an occasional hour even a few times per year, you’ll feel like you benefit from that visit even more than the person you visit would benefit. 

  1. The love and appreciation you see in their eyes will melt your heart; it recharges the soul and makes you love them and everyone around you.
  2. Being gradually cut off from the outside world is very lonely. Human interaction re-ignites their spark.
  3. Older adults are at higher risk of suffering from depression[1]. 
  4. We can learn a skill from our elderly, such as: crocheting, gardening, dancing, playing a musical instrument, engineering, carpentry, baking, a new game,  and much more! Chess GameCredit: Hollster
  5. We can receive a fascinating history lesson from a first-hand witness.
  6. We would want to be visited and to know that we matter when we are elderly too.
  7. We can share some of our personal trials and ask for words of wisdom; maybe the elderly person has been though the same trials.
  8. It’s nice for the elderly to receive a visit from someone who isn’t caring only for their physical needs; often times, emotional needs are neglected.
  9. Some elderly people are a total blast; they’ll share a naughty indiscretion or act a little scandalous, leaving you feeling more connected to your elderly friend or family member because this makes you feel like a normal human being.
  10. At the end of your visit, you will leave wondering why you didn’t do this sooner and more often. I know I did!


Here are a Few Gift Ideas for Our Elderly Loved Ones:

An iPod shuffle loaded with their favorite songs

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A Humorous Book About Aging

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