Why should you blog? A lot of people wonder what is the point? Well blogging put simply is one of the most fantastic ways to get money coming into your business. A blog does many things that no other type of website can really achieve.

This article is going to over why you should be blogging about your business. Your business like most depends on trust first and foremost. If you plan on doing any sort of ecommerce or selling your ware onlines, info products or otherwise, you will want a blog.

First of-all, the blog builds trust. Here's why:

1. A blog is interactive!

This makes it very easy for the user experience to interact with the brand that they are thinking about purchasing from. It also makes them feel like they are part of the company. They being awashed in your company or product's culture.

Which is a very good thing. This interactivity promotes people promoting you, which is important.

2. Extremely viral

Versus a normal website that sticks static, a blog keeps changing. It is totally dynamic which is amazing. It means people will keep coming back over and over again to see what exactly is going on with you.

Also with the right plugins, you can have a blog that is extremely easy for your readers to promote. Your readership actually becomes your marketing force. They go out and promote for you, building all these links for you for other people to come and read.

With a very viral post, it doesn't take that long for it to grow everywhere.

Second reason why you should blog?

There is another reason that is very important to why you should start blogging you are haven't started yet. In fact, for many, this is the main reason WHY they blog!

Money. Cha-ching.

With a blog getting viewers even at just 400 people a day, that means you have a readership that may start purchasing your products. There is all sorts of ways you can actually monetize your blog and make money. I know many people who make five-grand a month from their blog and upwards, and most of it is passive which is really nice.

So if you're either looking to sell your own products digital or otherwise, or looking to do affiliate marketing on your blog, both models work really, really well.

And due to the trust-building reasons above, it should be super obvious why you'd want to be blogging.

The best blogging platform that I suggest is Wordpress. They are simply the easiest and probably the most fun to work wtih.