There are so many different ways of collecting comic books, and that means there's so many different ways to invest in them as well. However, what I like to concentrate on is getting key issues when it comes to comic investing.

What are key issues in comics? Well, they are comics that are #1's, 1st appearances, deaths of, etc. I personally gravitate towards those that have 1st appearances of key characters. What do I mean by key characters?

I mean characters that are significant to a title's popularity. What would Batman be without the Joker, Catwoman, Two Face, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, or The Penguin? Or, what would Spider-Man be without the Green Goblin, The Sandman, Mysterio, The Rhino, or The Hobgoblin?

The characters listed above all play a role on a comic character's popularity. Without great villains, you don't have a great hero. 

Personally, I am a key issue comic investor. I will get any important key issues that I can and at the grades I can afford. However, not just any key issue comic will do. I generally stay away from most modern comic books when it comes to comic investing choices. There are way too many high grades floating around, and with the CGC Universal Grading company, many of these high grade modern issues are registered.

Remember, rarity and demand plays a huge factor in value. Modern books are not rare by any means. You should check out my article about modern comic investing and why they are not great investment choices for now and the future.

It's also quite important to bring up the point that grades also do play a big role in rarity as well. There are very few high grade golden age and silver age comic books floating around in the market. Lower grades of silver and golden age comics and have more numbers in the market. That's a fact, and it's a total reversal with modern age books. There's more higher grade copies of modern age copies than there are lower grade copies.

Investing in comics can be extremely fun and profitable at the same time. If you know what you're doing and which investment choices to make in the long term, you can enjoy a great return on certain key issues.