Why should you discover how to copy Wii games? The primary reasons include expense of games and how damage prone game discs are. I'll be going into heavy detail on that subject in this paper.

Reason number one is that game discs are a lot of money! When you shell out up to $50 on just one game disc, you wouldn't wish to lose it or have it become damaged. As an avid gamer, you've probably had this happen, and have had to the reality of dropping another $45 or more for the exact same disc. When you study how to copy wii games, you will be protecting your hard earned cash, so that you don't have to constantly replace your games.

And you also should think about how fragile game discs are. Back when games were on cartridges, it wasn't such a worry. However on modern game formats such as CDs or DVDs, games are highly susceptible to being stepped on, scratched or otherwise damaged. When we had cartridge style games, a person could let their 3 year old siblings mess around with the games and even step on them and not a thing would happen to them.

But you wouldn't even think about doing this with your Wii games, correct? They're far too easily rendered worthless. Think about this fact when wondering whether it's absolutely necessary to copy your games. When you create copies, then solely utilize the backups to play with, you won't need to worry so much, because you know that the master disc is safe and sound.

A final great reason to make copies of Wii games is to protect them against loss. This author has lended games to friends tons of times, and ended up having the friend not return it. Also, I've had discs just come up unlocatable in my house, never to be seen again. Nowadays, since I started making copies of my precious games, and putting the original copy up where it'll be safe, It doesn't bother me if my peers don't bring back my games. As a matter of fact, I just burn a new copy to let them take!

So how exactly do game burning programs function? That's the second part of this post! As you probably realize, you are not able to just backup a game the same way that you would copy a music disc. If you've ever attempted this, you'll realize that you'll receive a "disc error" if you try to play this type of backup in a game machine. This is because the game makers encrypt the games .

No legal impediments exist when it comes to cloning Wii discs for the use of the owner of the original, as a result of the Fair Use Act of 2010. On the other hand, that doesn't signify that the game companies are forced to make it easy for users to do this.

So the process entails downloading unique programs that gets around the encryption and then burns the game in a format that your game console will read. You unzip this download onto your Windows or Mac PC, then insert the original game disc into your computer's CD or DVD drive. With 3 clicks, the app rips the disc to your HDD, and then burns it to a blank optical disc that you supply. The process takes about 13 minutes per disc that you wish to copy, but you doubtlessly understand that's a particularly infinitesimal moment in time to wait to ensure that you games are safe.

So keep this in mind:, learn how to copy Wii games and make backups of your precious discs, and you'll always have more bucks to expend for NEW games, and not be buying existing games over and over.

That's it for this edition – Stay safe out there!