Say for instance that you own a small business. The company is just starting to find its footing in the industry, as it is relatively new and is yet to generate a loyal pool of clients and customers. Regardless of what kind of business it is, you are sure to need workers. Once there are employees, human resource management is inevitable. This is where the problem starts. With the help of an employee leasing service, you do not have to deal with such problem.

                   This is essentially about providing the best qualified workers to different corporate clients. A staffing company or agency will serve as the source for all labor needs of their client companies. Usually, they maintain a diverse pool of employees that have different talents and skills, appropriate for specific job positions. An employee leasing service works best for immediate hiring. In case a client company suddenly finds a need to have a particular position or positions filled with qualified employees at the last minute, the staff company often always has someone or some people to recommend.

                  An employee leasing service is called as such because they are in the business of leasing their employees to other companies, which are their corporate clients. The process of staff leasing is similar to hiring interim employees but it is not the same thing. It cannot be called as the recruitment of temporary workers because the work arrangement is not always temporary. This can provide either temporary staffing or permanent placement for their clients. In temporary staffing, client firms may only need extra employees for about three to six months. As the name suggests, permanent placement is for the long-term. In that case, the staff leasing service only provides help in terms of looking for the right people.

                 One might wonder how the term' leasing' fits into the entire concept behind an employee leasing service. Employees who work for the client companies are just leased because they are still technically under the care of the staffing agency which serve as their lessor. The main reason companies seek the help of a staff leasing agency in the first place is human resource management. This is in charge of all the responsibilities that fall under the category of human resource and personnel management. While the client firm enjoys the services of the workers, it does not deal with all the paperwork and other human resource tasks. As a result, the corporate client can focus on the business at hand.

                 If the company you own or the business you run falls under the category of a small scale industry, it is best for you to seek the assistance of this service. At one point, it would be necessary to expand the workforce. While the process of hiring is not a problem in itself, the human resource aspect that deals with it may seem too much to manage. If you do not want to be burdened by employee benefits management, payroll accounting and record keeping, you should seriously consider asking for help from an employee leasing service.