Defiance is newest release from Trion Worlds with a tie-in to a show on Syfy. While the game has not been released yet, fans of futuristic MMO third-person shooters are already taking notice of the game’s realistic graphics, unlimited character developments, and overall outstanding gaming experience.

Trion Worlds is well-known for providing players with the best gaming experience possible. Their previous game, Rift, emerged players into the fantasy world of Telara with an original setting and plot that was playable for hours on end. While Defiance takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, players can still expect to be sucked in quickly by a unique setting and plot with hours of replay value.

While San Francisco Bay Area setting may seem plain, the game takes place after a massive world-wide terraforming altered much of the landscape infusing the life on Earth with new alien species of plants and animals. This gives players a familiar area to play in that is completely new at the same time. This creates the perfect setting for the game, as humans learn to live with the new alien life.

One thing that makes Defiance unique is the character builds. The game doesn’t use a set class system, so players aren’t limited to outfits, weapons, or abilities. Defiance does start each player with an origin, which the player chooses. Origins will give special perks, but they will not hinder gameplay in this open-ended game.

In order to make the game even more realistic, players will have excellent control over the appearance of their character, whether it be an Irthient or a Human. Players will also have a great deal of weapons at their disposal throughout the game and be able to build characters with a variety of different abilities. This helps to create a variety of characters for players to interact with during the various Arkfalls in the game. Unlike other MMOs, there will be a number of different viable builds for players to create, rather than a few superior builds.

Once Defiance is released, there will be thousands of players to interact with. Because the game has very straightforward tutorials, players will be able to jump right in to the game as Ark Hunters, exploring the new Earth and completing whatever side missions they wish. Fans of Defiance are gearing up for this release, and judging from the several demos and previews available online, they won’t be disappointed.