During these hard economic times, the costs of living are increasing greatly, especially food and gas costs. If you purchase a chest freezer, to enhance your standard frig-freezer combination, you will save a lot of money, while adding comfort and ease to your busy lifestyle. A good chest freezer, with a total capacity of around five cubic feet, will enable you to keep nearly 175 pounds of food! You could keep those 10-lb bags of chicken at $6-7, deli meats, roasts, ice cream, and other types of iced foods when they are available for sale, without having to worry about where you will place them. Once you invest in a chest freezer, it'll pay for itself in food savings in just a few months.

You could keep your chest freezer in any spare room like garage. If you do not have a garage, you could keep it at home anywhere as these items are pretty compact and small. Take a look at some of the consumer review websites to compare reviews and feedback from people who have purchased it to choose a good unit that meets your needs. What about costs? For a five cubic foot chest freezer, rates range between $100 to $275. Chest freezers are usually more energy-efficient than a typical combination house refrigerator-freezer, mainly because it won't be often opened and closed during the day.

When you are thinking of buying a chest freezer, there are several features you should take into account to figure out whether this particular unit is really worth the extra cost or not. Several chest freezers include wire baskets. This feature may be worthwhile, if you want to keep a large amount of iced juice cans, bags of frozen vegetables, cheese, butter or ice cream. These wire baskets also include a place to flash-freeze certain types of foods, offering a good surface to place items on a cookie sheet, like fruits, pancakes and crepes, mushrooms and blanched vegetables.

An internal light is an extra optional feature, just like versatile thermostats, manual and automatic de-frosting. All of these features will increase the cost, so take your time before you decide to buy a chest freezer. While it is a fairly small investment, it needs to be regarded as a long-term investment.

Simply being capable of taking advantage of those drop-dead discounted prices of large quantities means you will only need less shopping trips. Less shopping trips mean that you will save gas costs, which could drastically affect your family expenses in a good way. Also, it means that you will save your time, both in shopping and food preparation.

There is no doubt that after you buy a chest freezer, your budget will improve greatly. Do yourself a favor and think of how this method could work for you. Then, enjoy your savings!