While there is still some debate as to whether to use a shower filter or not, most health experts are leaning toward some way to filter the water coming from your shower. Unless you use filtered rain water or well water, the tap water coming into your home contains numerous toxic substances. Therefore, there are several good reasons to filter shower water. Here are six.

1. You lower your risk of breast and bladder cancer.

Studies have been done on women with breast cancer to analyze the chemicals in the affected breast tissue. In every women, a concentrated amount of chlorine has been found. Not so in women without breast cancer, and ditto for people diagnosed with bladder cancer.

2. Your skin absorbs whatever touches it.

When you shower in city tap water, day after day, your skin absorbs some of the chlorine, heavy metals and other toxins it contains. These toxins can build up over time, potentially leading to degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or cancer.

3. Your skin is happier without chlorine.

Have you ever gotten out of the shower feeling itchy all over? Or struggled with a dandruff problem? A likely culprit is unfiltered tap water – and all the irritating and drying chemicals that tag along with it. The highest quality – and yes, most expensive – shower filters emit water so pure you want to drink it! But eve a medium-quality one might just eliminate your dandruff problem for good. Therefore…

4. You save money on personal hygiene products.

Showering with filtered water reduces dry skin. So you can stop shelling out big bucks for expensive dandruff shampoos and body moisturizers, which have their own issues with toxic ingredients.

5. You breathe more easily.

Chlorine is concentrated when heated, so unless you shower in cold water every morning, you are breathing in even more unhealthy amounts of this gas than your lungs want to tolerate. If you love a hot shower, a filter will reduce the risk of toxic build-up and respiratory problems facilitated baby breathing in high amounts of chlorine.

6. You have more energy.

When your body absorbs chlorine – not to mention the other harmful substances found in tap water – it has to put up quite a fight to keep the poison from destroying it at a cellular level. As a result, you have much less energy than desired for the things you want to do. You may even experience fatigue. But when you filter the garbage out, your energy level increases.

There are other valid and powerful reasons to use a shower filter; these are some of the most common. If you are serious about being in optimum health as you can, you need one. The risks in not using one far outweigh the occasional cost.