A well known fact of the internet is: many of us want to make money. Of course, we all wish making money was as easy as finding rich people that want to give away money; but inevitably this is not really the tried and true method for making money for most people. Though, undoubtedly, there are a few people who have managed to use that tactic when looking to make money online; maybe you should try it yourself!

For those looking to come down from Cloud 9 and try and make some real money themselves, I am here to bring you some information on a relatively recent website known as WebAnswers. It is really an interesting website, which participates in Adsense revenue share in a similar fashion like InfoBarrel, and other well known and esteemed websites.

What is WebAnswers?

WebAnswers is a question/answer website in a similar vein as YahooAnswers. The major difference is that you earn money while asking questions and posting answers to other's questions. It is really as simple as this.

To quote the blog Web-Answers (Blogspot):

WebAnswers use a special approach called AdSense revenue sharing. This means that you need to have a Google AdSense account before you can earn any money there. The principle is quite simple:
  • You answer questions.
  • If your answer is selected as the best one, you earn 60% on all AdSense advertisements views and clicks on that “awarded answer”.
  • If you ask questions, you get into rotation with all the people who answer your question. For example, if you post question and 3 people answer it, you will get 60% of income from every fourth page view.

In all honesty, this is one of the simplest ways to make money; and perhaps one of the funnest ones as well! While you will not likely become a millionare with WebAnswers.com (as this is not a get rich quick scheme), you can realistically make a good amount of money if you put out the energy to work on leaving good answers and asking questions as well. I myself have made around $100 dollars from this site, and while I still occasionally go on; I have shifted my focus on more passive earnings here on InfoBarrel. Still, for many people, WebAnswers will certainly be an excellent method for making money online. It is extra beneficial if you are in school and have a lot of questions to ask: may as well get paid to ask them!

How to Make Money on WebAnswers

There are some tips that are passed around by "expert" WebAnswer's users. It is suggested that you attempt to post at least 10 - 20 answers/questions a day to maintain your activity levels and promote earning money through Adsense. Your answers should actually answer the question to the best of your ability, and you should attempt to write at least 10 sentences (a full paragraph) per answer. While sometimes your answer may be chosen if it is short (even one sentence long), this will only be done if it really answers the question. Keep in mind, good grammar and English is also needed as well; and will set you out from many users on the site who lack these qualities. Some users also use SEO tactics to some degree, but I have never found SEO to be very useful with WebAnswers.

With WebAnswers, the best thing you can do is sign up and try it out for yourself. It can be a lot of fun answering and asking questions (in a large range of topics), and maybe you will make some extra money as well in the process!